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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by jrock2004, Jul 27, 2012.

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    I would like to know if people are disabling this feature. I have cause I needed to install Git but wondering if others are just keeping this disabled. Thanks
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    I left mine set to MAS and identified developers and all seems fine.

    Did you have to disable it totally to get git to work? I read somewhere that you can right click something it doesn't like and pick 'Open' in the menu, accept the warning, and after that it will let you run that particular thing anytime.
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    I had to disable it but I did not try right clicking
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    I see nothing for right clicking that allows users to make an exception. I think its time to shut it off
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    Definitely shut off. I already bought a locked-down iPhone and iPad (which I promptly jailbroke,) don't need a locked-down computer too, even if it's 'for my own safety'...
  6. dyn
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    I installed Git with Gatekeeper on its default settings. I simply used the override feature it has. You need to hold the ctrl-key, rightclick the .pkg file and select "open". You now get a dialog asking you if you are sure you want to override ok/cancel (or something like that). Hit "ok" and it will fire up the installer and install without any problems. If you add /usr/local/git/bin as the first entry (the top one) in /etc/paths you'll get the newly installed Git as the default version. If you don't do this it will use the one in /usr/bin which is what comes with Xcode/OSX.
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    Each to their own, but turning something off on principle unless it's causing you a specific problem seems a bit over the top.
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    For my mother I left it well ON. This is the best feature Apple has built in in ML.
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    Turned it off immediately after upgrading.
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    You just select Open when you right-click and you can override Gatekeeper for that app.
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    As you say, each to their own. As a developer, there's a lot of somethings that must be downloaded all the time, and I'd rather shut it off entirely. However, for the average end-user, it does have its usefulness.

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