GCC: Enabling nested functions

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Hexatron, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I'm working my way through a book about learning C and I'm trying to compile code with nested functions. I understand that these have been disabled for a security reason since the switch to Intel, but apparently they can be re-enabled.

    Everything I've found tells me to "use -fnested-functions" and change something with CFLAGS to enable the nested functions in GCC.

    I don't know how I go about doing this.
    What can I do in Terminal to enable nested functions?
  2. autorelease
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    You pass -fnested-functions as an argument to gcc. It's not a part of gcc you 'enable,' it's an option you specify when compiling your program.

    $ gcc -fnested-functions -o prog prog.c
    If you're using Xcode, add -fnested-functions to 'Other C Flags' in the Build tab of Project Info.
  3. pstoehr
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    gcc -fnested-functions <yourfile>

    might be the solution.

    Best regards

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