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GelaSkins = Awesome

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by xraytech, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Just applied my GelaSkin.


    These are a whole lot more forgiving than InvisibleSheild and other similar overlays. Plus the artwork will hide any air bubbles. =)

    Word of advice on applying these, use the wet method. Go to town on the H2O.
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    The water comment was unnecessary. I've applied these before, from Gelaskins and Uniqueskins (same 3M brand vinyl). Those ridges are air tunnels, there's really no way to botch the application, i have no idea how you end up with bubbles when all air trapped in the case can slide right out through those little tunnels.
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    I use the Wet Method because it is a lot easier to get the skin centered on the FIRST TRY. Because the water allows you to float the skin into position before you squeegee. Without the water I find myself applying and pealing multiple times before getting it just right. No bubbles, the tunnels do allow air bubbles escape, but the water also helps.

    You say tomato and I say tomato. Personal pref I guess. =D
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    I've always applied my skins with a hearty dose of soap water. It definitely helps with the positioning.

    P.S. Escher FTMFW.
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    I have never seen anything more ugly in my life.

    The poor apple designers that put all the work into creating an esthetically pleasing case must literally gag when they see these!

    Sorry but they are really not very good looking at all.
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    I love it. I was going to get the same gelaskin but went with zaggskins since i had a 50% off code. I love these but they really don't make sense if you will have your iPad in a case.
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    the graphic is not my cup of tea, but gelaskins are cool. I just got myself a vinyl decal...and I am actually putting it on right now. Will post in a few.


    and here it is:


    decal with switcheasy nude :D
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    I just purchased the gummy bear anatomy one...
    Please please could you tell me if you think it's ugly?
    Oh no... I am so worried that you might think it's ugly... I won't be able to sleep tonight
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    i would like to see a link to that!
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    noooooo I need 3goldens' opinion !
    okok Enough ***** around
    yeah I tough that the gummy bear one was pretty cute...
    I guess I am going to have to abandon my powersource screen protector...
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    Then you haven't met my cousin Bob XD
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    Glad one person agrees with the AWESOME-NESS that is Escher.
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    Yeah me too.

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