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Get Ready for Matrix II!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by lmalave, May 8, 2003.

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    Just another article to build up the hype to a fever pitch:


    "If the dojo fight in The Matrix was a kung fu sonata, the Burly Brawl is a symphony. Neo tears the sign from the ground and wields it as a kendo sword, vaulting pole, and battering ram. A woman walking by can't believe what she's seeing; suddenly her body is hijacked, she drops her grocery bag, and another Smith charges into the fray. Whole battalions of Smiths arrive, mount assaults, attack in waves, scatter, regroup, and head back for more. (At ESC, one massive pile-on was dubbed the "Did someone drop a quarter?" shot.) In the thick of it, Neo is dancing, chucking black-tied bodies skyward, pivoting around the signpost, and using shoulders as stepping-stones over the raging river of whup-ass."

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    A lot of filming on Matrix 2 & 3 was done in Alameda, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area). The image below, captured from the "Reloaded" trailer, was filmed in the "Webster Tube" which is a tunnel that connects Oakland with Alameda. It's about 5 blocks from my home and I drive through it every day. I don't think I'll ever look at it the same way again.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Its goingt to be a fantastic movie if the movie lives up to the previews. I loved the 'upgraded' guys in white - I'll be seeing it on openning weekend. ;)

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    well my friend downloaded it and i refused to watch it because i want to experience it in the theater. i did ask him about the ending and outsome of a certain somebody in the movie, if you want to know pm me, although it will probably ruin the movie for some fans.

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    The matrix is gonna kick but what you posted was almost a plot summary... I say (all) the trailer clips but I didn't want to hear that her body was hijacked...

    Its gonna kick, see it the day it comes out.
    12:01 showing baby! :D :D
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    I've got tickets for next saturdays showing already!!!:D
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    I just had to share that "raging river of whup-ass" quote though :D

    ...liked so much I made it my sig...
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    The rating

    So what do you all think, will this one be like the first one, which could and possibly should have passed as PG-13 rated movie? With a PG-13, won't you get a bigger draw at the box office?

    (As far as the rating system goes, [which is rather messed up] there are some movies [and tv shows] are that are and were more violent and show more then the original Matrix. Take Dare Devil. Cool flick, kinda violent I thought for the PG-13 rating.)

    What does everyone think?
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    Re: The rating

    I agree, the R rating was pretty unwarranted.
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    I've got tickets for the sneak preview...go me!

    As about the R rating, Time magazine (I think) said that a kick to the head automatically denotes an R rating. This doesn't seem true, is it?

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    Re: The rating

    Well Neo and Trinity get it on so I think that and the physical violence warrant an R rating.
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    this is when that friend who is an assistant manager at a big theater comes in handy... can you say sneak preview? :)
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    I finally went and saw X2 last night and I must say that that trailer sure does look a lot better on the big screen than it did on my 17" monitor. It gave me chills, the whole theater cheered at the end, 'twas beautiful. . .

    edit: oh yeah, and X2 was also pretty amazing.
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    Can't wait, there are previews flying all around my school's network, it looks nasty.:D

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