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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by leons, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I CANNOT install a screen protector without bubbles...tried many times.

    I happen to live in the Boston area, but I'm sure many in other cities have the same problem. I want one for my Ipad, but I want it installed.

    I've heard that Best Buy will install them (my local BB sells the Zagg). Some on the Interweb have reported installation fees there ranging from 0 to almost $30. (I think the Geek Squad does it).

    Has anyone had experience with this at BB or can suggest other venues to get one instlalled? I have NOT seen kiosks doing it in my local mall. :confused:
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    No, this is a Boston area specific issue. The oxidization in the air coming in from New Jersey causes high amounts of nitros oxide to build up and get near electrical equipment, and is the source of your trouble. I have installed screen protectors in Cali. Chicago and Texas, but Boston was the only one with this problem
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    The bubbles should disappear on their own if you let your iPad sit for 24 hours ( if they're air bubbles) and the rest can be rubbed out with a soft cloth. If it's a dust bubble you can usually tell because there will be a dot in the center of the bubble. For those you have to unpeel the protector and use scotch tape to remove dust. So you may not be giving yourself enough time.

    But there's probably someone willing to install it for you. Call smaller computer stores. :confused:
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    :D:D:D :p:p
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    Fill your bathroom with steam by flushing a lot of hot water in the tub/shower. The door needs to be closed. This will get the dust in the air to get stuck to walls and the floor.
    Next, wipe your display off so that you don't have any dust on it.
    Then begin to mount the screen protector as the instructions say, I noticed that it's a bit easier if you remove the protection from the adhesive side first, and aim for the Home button and ear speaker(on iPhone) while forming the protectors edges so that the cut out holes gets in contact with the display first of all. Then continue until the whole protector is mounted.
    At least this works on iPhone and iPod Touch. The Lützen fog however, is strongly recommended to avoid dust getting trapped.
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    Wow nice tip. Will this not lower the adhesiveness of the screen protector, though?
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    No, I've mounted three different protectors this way, and haven't had any problems at all :)
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    I just put my PS anti glare on tonight. I actually had a really good install (no dust), but I have a small bubble about 2 inches up from the home button. I do not see a dust particle, but it feels like there is actually a minor crease in the protector. Is this the type of bubble that will come out with time? I have tried pushing it out to no avail and I did also try the tape trick just to make sure no dust.
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    I got the PS Anti glare installed on my iPad as well. Perfect install and no lifting. Some of the cheaper films does have the home button lifting problem. I got another cheap film installed on my other iPad as a temporary one and that one is pretty bad. You can see a LOT of rainbows plus lifting around part of the edges. Not to mention the area around the home button.

    The install takes time (1+ hr) and most of the time I spent is to clean the screen to the point there is absolutely no dust. Still you may get one or two dusts but they can be easily taken care of by using the tape method.

    It is very interesting to know that you have to work under some kind of bright LED light in order to make sure there is indeed zero dust on the screen. The glass is a dust magnetic. The moment you see no dusts, within seconds, you literally see some specks of dusts start to develop.

    All of my installs (iPhone, other brand of phones) have always been under some LED light. The good benefit is you can mimic the direct sunlight condition where all the imperfections under the screen will show up. It was also how I found out there are some white marks under the glass of the 1st iPad immediately that I got and I returned it.

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