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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by iindigo, Mar 5, 2005.

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    How does one do it? I recently started the skiTunes project, and I really want to do everything possible to keep it from becoming vaporware/abandonware. I'd just code away until someone joins, but I'm not that good of a coder, and I don't have lots of time...

    Any suggestions?
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    Think about putting your project out on Sourceforge, so if someone that is interested in contributing to an open souce project does a search, yours will be available for them to peruse.
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    I was trying to get your source code, but I can't seem do download it. It seems like you updated it today. Either you are updating it right now, or there was some error. Just letting you know.
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    Interesting project, but why? You can already skin iTunes with various 3rd party utilities.
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    Main reasons are:
    1) iTunes skins are very limiting - for example, it's impossible for an iTunes skin to have a color background - iTunes always makes it grayscale.

    2) A lot of themers don't have time/don't want to make iTunes skins, leaving the system look inconsistent. With skiTunes, the only buttons needed to skin are the Play, Pause, rewind, fast forward, and browse buttons - the rest automatically matches the theme's brushed metal look.

    That, and although iTunes is good, it's a bit clunky feeling, and it still uses code from Mac OS 9's Soundjam MP. Another thing is a lot of Windows switchers miss being able to play their WMA files - skiTunes will come to the rescue. Also, skiTunes will allow iPod to computer transfers, and for those who need it, multiple iPod management.

    lol, there's tons of other things I plan to add, but I won't list them all here cuz I'm lazy :p

    Besides, the way I see it, Apple needs a little competition ;)

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