Getting Comcast shows onto iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Andrew07, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Can this be done? We're going to be switching to Comcast in our new apartment and I think I might spring for their DVR service. So is there anyway to get these recorded shows onto my iPod?
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    Jul 7, 2007
    What format are they?
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    Jan 23, 2002
    East Coast
    This may not be the only way, but I'm pretty sure that it will work.

    You will need a DVR/STB that has an active Firewire port. The Mac that you use will need to have the SDK installed and VirtualDVHS.

    Basically, you use your Mac to emulate a D-VHS deck and record what is being played by the DVR. From there, you'll need to convert the recorded stream to something the iPod can handle.

    It's pretty time consuming since the capture happens in real-time. The conversion time depends on how quick your Mac is.

    There's lots of information on how to use a Mac as a D-VHS deck.

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    Mar 25, 2006
    Central Coast, California

    Any link or easy to follow walkthrough you can reference for us?

    I too am interested in this. Very much! But some of what you wrote is a little over my head. :eek:
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    Jan 23, 2002
    East Coast

    That thread was started over 2 years ago, so the methodology has been refined over the years. The entire thread is huge-moungous, so start reading now.

    Good Luck!
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    Jan 31, 2005
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Ok, assuming your DVR has an active DVR port, you do this.

    1) Use iRecord to record the DVR feed onto your hard drive

    2) Use MPEG Streamslip to convert this

    3) Import into iMovie, edit to remove commercials

    4) Export into appropriate format.

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