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Getting Error Message on Calander MMe Webview?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Stangs55, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Everytime I open MMe on the web, I get this:

    " Calendar Error
    MobileMe Calendar could not start because it was unable to load any calendars from the server. Try reloading Calendar. If this problem persists, contact MobileMe Support. "

    With the option to go to MMe support or try again...both do nothing. Is this just a growing pain? Or is something setup wrong.

    FWIW, I can click to go to MMe support and the pop-up window closes and I can see my calander events that synced.
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    Well I've created a whole new mobile me account and I'm still getting the same error after syncing...

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    I am getting this exact same error message when I try to open the calendar...and then i created a new one and get another error message when trying to put an event in the calendar....

    is calendar really messed up?
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    I keep getting the same error message. I just assumed that MM servers were down because of all the traffic this weekend. But after reading these I realized I've only ever tried the calendar. I need to go try contacts and see if that works for me.
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    fixed now for me! UK user 11.30pm 13/07/08
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    cocky jeremy

    I was having problems with the calendar, but it all seems fine now. I do have a question though...

    Can you get the "birthday" categorie to sync/push to the iphone? All i can get to show up is work/home even though i have it showing birthdays on the web app calendar.
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    now that IS a good question... no luck here. Maybe it's a MM only thing? I hope not as it's so useful

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