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Ghost armor corners help

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mr jnvii, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Do the corners on the ghost armor for the ipad 2 ever peel?

    I really want to get some protection for my ipad, but not sure what. Ghost armor looks great, but i'm concerned about those cut corners. Looks like they could easily get loose and start peeling.

    edit: im a small fry :(
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    I have no concerns of them peeling. None at all. Once that sucker is on there it's on there. Here are some pics of mine. It is VERY easy to install!





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    Hey how does the GA feel compared to BSE? BSE is a tacky feel, but looking at the GA you put on, it feels smooth almost like a matte finish
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    It looks (except for the corners) and feels naked.:eek:
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    I just had the Ghost Armor placed on both my iPad2 and my iPhone4. I used a kiosk in the mall rather than trying to install myself. I'm pretty impressed with the feeling of both. I got the matte backing for the phone and I really really love that - doesn't make the phone feel as slippery. I've been sort of poking around the forums a bit to see if if this was the better choice vs. InvisiShield (Zagg), but I'm liking my choice so far.
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    This is very smooth.

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