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Gibberish in Xcode

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by hmemcpy, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. hmemcpy, Jun 3, 2011
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011

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    Hey, new to programming...

    When in XCode I'm running into a problem.

    Window based App.

    With classes folder selected I go to file/new / UIView / Objective-C class

    But, both files that are created have only gibberish for text, as viewed in the coding section of Xcode. Also, if I drag and drop the newly created .h and .m files from the classes folder into a ASCII text editor, their fine, no gibberish.

    Anyone seen this?

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    Right click on file, Get info, check File Encoding
    open shell and compare with output of
    file <name of file>
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    Are you saying you think this could be a shell script?

    It's not!, what i see on the screen is complete gibberish, not a script.

    So I need to have web storage to show you all a pic? I don't have a web site, so how can I stick a pic up so you can see this gibberish?


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    You can attach pictures to posts. MacRumors hosts them. Look in the Additional Options box when you reply: the Manage Attachments opens a new window that you can use to upload pictures. Take note of the max file sizes though...
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    here is the gibberish....

    Has anyone seen this?

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    That's an encoding problem for sure. The tip mentioned above using the file command in Terminal will help diagnose the cause.
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    Skipping the inverted question marks, what's left looks like normal text. This suggests the inverted question marks are 0x00 bytes, which would be the high byte of a Unicode UTF-16-BE or UTF-16-LE encoding. The two other characters before the first / are probably the byte-order mark (BOM).

    So somewhere or other, Xcode was probably told to use UTF-16.
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    Got it... FIXED

    Thanks All, you guys were all over this!

    The fix was Xcode/preferences/Text Editing/Default File Encoding:
    was set to UTF - 16 I just set it to UTF -8 and BANG! was fixed.

    Thanks again,


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