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GigaDesigns Dual Processor

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by buzzfgo, Oct 22, 2004.

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    I just put this in my quicksilver and after some time it is working now. I had to take out a scsi card that I was not using due to major conflicts.

    It will not clock to 1.4 but will clock to 1.26. Only in the about my mac it says dual 600. Weird. But I know it is not at 600(I ran xbench and got a 156) Anyone know why? Also is there anything I can do about not being able to get it to 1.4?
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    Apple system profiler...

    system profiler has always been known to be inaccurate when upgrades are concerned...

    a couple thoughts, have you reset the CUDA / NVram etc? You have the option of booting into 9 to see what the profiler reports there. I know some G4's need firmware updates to run with the 'latest' chips from Freescale (ie the 7447, if this is what you have, needs a firmware update).

    i would head over to www.macgurus.com, they are a Giga dealer and have a TON of experience with this type of upgrade.

    lastly, try calling Giga directly, I have heard nothing but good things about that company (except for the lawsuit of course!) *grin*

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