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glTron for OS X

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 31, 2001.

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    For a good example of the performance of OS X's OpenGL system check out glTron for OS X. Originally a Linux title, this is the most fun and unique game I have found out there that runs natively under OS X. Great performance even on mid-range G3's. (Apple's OpenGL implementation under OS X is pretty sweet.)
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    The game's glass smooth under OS X on my b&w G3 400 with Rage 128, rev. a. The title is also available, BTW, for most other modern platforms, including MacOS 8/9. Good stuff. This version is far and away the cleanest with the nicest graphics and effects of the (3-4) other versions I've seen.

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    Game is pretty cool.
    I wish the mouse worked as good as it works on the PC.
    but every thang else works fine.

    good job!!!
    love it.

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    Why is this on Mac Rumors?

    Definately true, the OS X version of GL Tron is one of the sweetest games out in a long time ( Ever notice you can play while you look up from beneath the floor? ;O), but it has been available from Apple.com in the downloads section for a few weeks now.. hardly a rumor and barely new.. Now back to where that 10.0.5 update disappeared to... :p

    PS: If the person who did the Mac conversion is reading this (since there isn't an email address to report bugs to on the Mac TronGL site), can you remove the odd text errors that scroll down the screen if you hit wrong keys and calm down the mouse control of the camera which is wayyyy too touchy?
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    Cool game. On my G4/400 with a Radeon AGP card I'm getting between 100-125 fps on average...

    My only complaint is that the mouse settings are too sensitive. I didn't check to see if you can adjust this, though...
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    What resolution are you running the game at for those framerates, and at what color depth/res is your desktop?

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    What the .......

    I fail to understand thast on my G3/400 lombard laptop, why on earth, Mac OSX cant run any games? Any time I start os X friendly games, a black screen appears. The wierd music keeps playing expecting me to enjoy the blank screen!! I am also referring to Tron. Probably and exccellent game but its blank on my OS! (i have 128 MB ram, isnt that enough?)
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    Sounds like some sort of OpenGL problem. I wonder if there's some issue with the video driver? Do you have the 10.0.3 update?

    128MB is the absolute minimum with which to run OS X. I had 256MB and upgraded, for $56, to 512MB and felt quite a difference. I know laptop memory is a bit steeper--but not insnaely so. Get more memory.

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    Thanks Blakespot, ill do that. Hope my laptop can take additional 128MB ram. Any news on the ATI radeon heat being installed in G4 titaniums?

    - Kela

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