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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Backtothemac, Aug 26, 2002.

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    Look at the new profile. They have the nerve to compare that POS to an iMac! What a day. Unreal. That has to be the nastiest looking thing that I have ever seen.

    Not only that, but how can their integrated GeForce MX 2 graphics chip produce 150 fps? What a crock! There is not an integrated graphics chip anywhere in the world that would do that!


    Crap, Crap, Crap!
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    Re: go to www.gateway.com

    Yuck! That thing is horrible! :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's friggin nuts - they were testing the iMac with OSX.1.4! Put jaguar on there and lets see what happens.

    Besides, its ugly - sort of looks like the StarWars AT-ST - those twolegged storm trooper walkers from EpisodeV and EpisodeVI. What a shame really.

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    I don't know that this is a direct ripoff of the iMac. It seems kind of obvious to make an LCD all-in-one. However, gateway just started a new ad campaign called "Think Smarter". This is a direct copy of apple's Think Different campaign. It's even created by the same company that did the Think Different ads. I read about this in the Wall Street Journal. It said that apple sued eMachines for copying the original iMac. Could they sue Gateway now?
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    Mr. Anderson

    if 'think smarter' has the same look and feel and uses celebrities it might be a problem for gateway. What do the new ads look like?
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    follow the leader gets companies nowhere. chapter 11 i hear ya calling gateways name.
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    No Firewire

    No DVDR

    No external speakers standard.

    Ugly with no Monitor flexibility in comparison.


    larger footprint.

    Can someone tell me why I should be excited about the Profile 4 ???
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    man thats just messed up. i feel even more sorry for gateway now. i would be ashamed to be on that advertising team and even more for the one who thought of this ludicrious idea.
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    I don't know who I feel more sorry for, Gateway or the person who buys that. It looks like they strapped a VCR from the 1970s onto an LCD screen.
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    that independent performance report is quite damning.

    ouch. :(
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    I am glad this happend,maybe Apple updates their computers to todays technology in order to catch-up.
    Lets face it.. iMacs are pretty and everything,they have DVD-RW etc.,but PCs are faster,much faster. Switcher's will be often dissapointed when with expensive computer which isn't fast enough for their needs.
    Hardcore mac users are used to that but.. screw it,some things are too slow.
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    With Jaguar, I don't think the iMac/eMac is too slow to do average every day stuff, since the graphics are all now handeled by the AGP Video, so the processor is a lot more "free" now.

    The fact is, unless you're a Pro, you don't *NEED* that much speed to write an email or to burn a CD.

    And I'm not used to things being slow. Things stopped being slow a long time ago.

    What the iMac may lack in performance, it makes up in usability. Trust me, I've used XP... It's a nice attempt, but it ain't no Mac with iApps.
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    Are you sure it's the HW

    Browsing comparison will always show slower performance on Macs. Apple doesn't integrate browser tech into the OS like *cough* other OS vendors.

    Let's get real here. Quake is played out as a benchmark

    Javascript??? Get real. No one comes into a store and asks how fast a computer does Javascript or opens PDF's . This test cherry picked the tests that the Profile beat the iMac in. Apple could do exactly the same and show the iMac beating the profile.

    Notice they didn't do anything that requires heavy number crunching. Hehehehe anyone that falls for this is a fool.
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    I don't care how fast something is. If it runs Windows, then I won't own it. Also the test is crap. Everyone who knows anything about computers knows that there is not an integrated card anywhere that can get 140 fps. Its crap!

    Gateway will get their ass sued for the ads, you mark my words on that.

    No DVD-R
    Monitor not adjustible
    Windows instead of OS X.2
    crap, crap, crap!
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    cool. i think im going to walk into the local gateway store act like im going to buy that puter talked to an employee read over the specs of the benchmark... telling the guy or gal.... yeah im thinking of buying an imac too etc. etc. and finally yell out "WHAT THE HELL... NO NUMBER CRUNCHING TEST...NO DVD..." then walk out.
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    Make sure you tape it, fyter. Then encode it to MPEG-4 and email me. :D

    FYI, a similar discussion is brewing in the MRN. (Uh, that would be MacRumors News.)

    Backtothemac, I must say, there seems to be a three-word series echoing throught this particular thread of the forums.
    Yep! There it goes. "crap, crap, crap"

    I think that phrase works better rebounding then drowning, rather than hitting the forums (or the ceiling fan). :eek: :p :p
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    cool man. better yet... i think im going to get my theater arts roomate to act it out and I'll shoot it on a digital camcorder. thats if his up to it.
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    What sort of crack are these benchmark testers on? They are trying to say a 1.7ghz celeron is 5x faster than an 800mhz g4?
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    Chaszmyr, you can never get perfect Mhz to MHz benchmarks between Apples and Gatelaid. Obviously, there were tasks requiring either faster memory or non-intensive operations. Yet, that's a basic computer. The iMac G4 is a supercomputer, and is built for heavy/intensive work, unlike the Gatelaid Grossfile 4.

    That's why Apple posts those benchmarks on their website, saying a dual 1.25GHz is such a percent faster than a such pee4. You take the fastest affordable Supercomputer and put it against a Penny-a-more (Pentium 4), which lacks the necessary L1 Cache, and you get those benchmarks.
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    i dont know about you guys, but its oretty well known that gateways really... well.. suck..

    and also, as mentioned in the article, i find this whole thing to actually be kind of funny... gateway and apple arent even on teh same playing field.. i mean, their both computer manufacturers, but most pc guys that are very "close" to their pcs taht dont like macs dont care about a nice looking system..

    it seems like gateway is going for a nicer look in the pc industry, but clearly they only have a small market, and doing their campaign seems to have no purpose except for trying to get the point across that they have nice looking pcs, though i dont think they do...

    gateway is pretty stupid for doing this... im surprised apple hasnt taken any action over the past few years..

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    this is just pure unadulterated crap.
    gateway has been in the crapper for some time now...and this just shows they have absoluetely nothing left.
    gateway is about to go away.

    those benchtests are a complete joke.

    computer is ugly.

    bye bye bald guy and talking cow.

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