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Goodbye Android and good riddance!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by 77sunsetstrip, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I've had a Nexus 7 for a month and used it every day. It was initially fun to use. I really tried to like it. Now it's torture. I plan to set it on fire. Android is pathetic and primitive and the apps that I have used are laughable. Period.

    I can't wait to receive my iPad mini.

    Check the following link, all of which I agree with.

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    Good for you :)
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    All I needed to do is take one look at the author of that articles picture and know that he would side with apple even if it had the old a4 chip.
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    Why post this in 'this section' of the forum when it obviously is only going to draw a flamewar, unless of course that was the entire point....
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    Yeah the dude in that article is overbearing, I would get an iPad mini but I'll wait until the next one. I'm gonna sell my iPad 2 in the meantime.
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    Sorry but that is just as inane as the original post.

    You may disagree with his viewpoint, but to do so only by the way they look is very prejudiced.
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    It has nothing to do with his physical body or face. It all has to do with how he dresses and presents himself things that people determine theirselves. That is all a matter of choice. I don't think it is wrong to judge people on these kind of aspects as it does in fact reflect their character.

    Not to mention I have the read the authors other work and recognize him. I knew immediately that this would be an anti android piece of literature.
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    You can't deal with the fact that some people may hate Android because they really believe it's junk. It's only explainable as far as you are concerned if you assume that the person is prejudiced or suffering from a mental problem or is a total idiot. Well you are wrong. I used the Nexus 7 for a month, every day. I tried numerous apps. I wanted to like it. I got to know Android software really well. I found that Android stinks in comparison to iOS.
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    Yet you have no comparisons or what you didn't like etc etc.

    This is as much trolling as if I posted the same thread in the iPhone section and replaced Android with iOS. It has no other purpose then to crap on a product you don't like which is not the point of this section, just like people that frequent this section don't post threads like this on the iPhone section.

    All you said is you didn't like the apps. What didn't you like about them? They are made by the same devs that make them for iOS. Or were you just here to throw a little (typical) temper tantrum?
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    I don't know if you're trolling or not, but I agree with you. I bought the Nexus 7 about 6 weeks ago and initially loved it, now it's become slow, even more jerky than it was new (scrolling was jerky out of the box) and the quality of the apps suck. They really do. And I can't even do a reinstallation of the OS as I'll lose everything from my tablet, as you have to unlock and root Android in order to get a decent backup system going. I can't be bothered fiddling with it any more in order to get it to perform adequately, so I'm going to sell it. Android seems to have a lot of apologists on here, I don't really understand why, it's not like you have to go with Apple if you don't get an Android- Windows 8 tablets are out now and people are giving them solid reviews (on that note, I really wish there was a way to try a Surface out here in Australia before buying one).

    Personally, I'm probably just going to use my iPhone 5 until next January and then I'll see what the Surface Pro is like before I delve into the tablet world again.
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    You should have tried this backup method. :)

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    Not trolling

    No I'm not trolling.

    I tried the Windows Lumia 900 at an AT&T store. Beautiful. Much smoother and silkier and more 21st century than 20th century primitive Android. But I've checked Windows phone apps and they are paltry for now. I wish Microsoft luck, because they are pushing in the right direction and giving it a really good try.

    For those that haven't been yet, I recommend a trip to a Microsoft store. Microsoft has come a long way.

    Incidentally, I have a Mac. Our household uses only Apple products, Macs, iPhones and iPads, because they are so good. So it's a sign of my lack of prejudice that I can say that I admire Microsoft's products. I just want quality products that work very well.
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    You fail at the trolling.
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    Is it too late to say "Cool story, bro"?
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    Its not junk. It just isnt for you and thats ok.

    As for that article, he asked "if you were offered a Kindel, a N7 or a iPad mini for free, which would you choose"?
    Even i would choose the iPad mini. Then id sell it and get a 32GB N7 and keep the profits.
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    Yeah that was such an idiotic question. Gee, you are offering me three devices for free and I would not pick the most expensive one WHY? And somehow that proves the mini is better? Oh and I love the way the writer plays up every thing on the mini but ignores every positive about the Nexus. So Apple maps suck, (his words) so just use Google maps...oooooh but google maps are already on the Nexus 7 with its built in GPS! Oh, on the road with no wifi on your mini and want to use GPS...sorry.

    And somehow Apple mail for iOS is better than the Gmail app? Sorry no it isn't. Oh and what about notification center, sorry Jelly Beans shutter BLOWS AWAY Apples lame attempt at notification center. Then he talks about lag and stability, utter BS saying the Nexus 7 is laggy or instable...how about how my iPhone likes to respring (not jailbroken) all the time since iOS 6 when opening an iMessage??

    Don't get me wrong, I love Apple too, I have two Macs, two iPads an ipod touch and three Apple TV's but facts are facts, Jelly Bean is better than iOS right now IMHO and the Nexus 7 is far better than the iPad 2, which makes it far better than the iPad mini IMHO of course.

    At the end of the day there are two strong factors, a personal like for a paticular OS and your investment in an ecosystem. I prefer OSX over Windows, and up until Jelly Bean I prefered iOS over Android. But that tables of turned for me, and I find Jelly Bean far better than iOS. as for ecosystem, I can live without my iTunes movies and shows on the go. I personally didn't by a 7 inch tablet to watch shows, but rather for music, GPS, books, magazines and several productivity apps. For that, the Nexus 7 is the better device, with the better OS at the better price.
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    I've got to tell you, I am genuinely surprised that you find "Jelly Bean is better than iOS right now." You and I are comparing Apple and Android and arriving at opposite conclusions. How can that be?

    Can I ask you, do you use any RSS apps?
  18. blackhand1001, Oct 28, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2012

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    Greader is a very good RSS reader. There are tons of others this was the first result when I typed in RSS.

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    There are multiple RSS readers on Android. I have tried pretty much all of them. None of them are in the same league as the RSS readers on iOS. If you are not a regular RSS user, it's kinda difficult to explain. (I don't mean to be patronizing.)
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    What exactly do you mean by same league. What features are the android ones missing.
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    No I do not use RSS apps. We are different people, we see things differently. I like the flexability, multiple pages and widgets of Android a lot. I love being able to swipe left and right and seeing the weather, my inbox, my to do list and my cal without opening an app, not just pages and pages of icons, I want information, not deciding which app to open to get that information. I love being able to tap the recently used apps button and seeing windows of my recent apps, not icons. I love having folders in the dock. It just seems more fluid to me.

    I think the key difference is that iOS is still very much single icon/app focused, where Android is workflow and information focused. Apple seems to like action, I want to see my email so I must open the email app, Android takes the approach of information, here is what is in your inbox, do you want to read it or move on to do something else.

    We know that folders and notification center were a catch up after thought for Apple, much like task switching, and I expected Apple to improve on this, but they haven't. The double tapping of the home button to see a limited list of a few icons of "running" apps, just feels old and offers very little value over just clicking the icon from the page and opening it.
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    Oh my, we certainly hear your position.

    Perhaps with some luck, the act of burning it will make up for the torture you suffered.

    Apple would never subject you to such a thing.
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    It's never too late for that!



    HAHA yea say iOS sucks and is a 'toy OS' compared to Android and the iFanBoys man their battle stations. Speak against the :apple: you will suffer. That's the motto you know!

    It's kinda like the G.I. theme song. Just replace G.I. Joe with iFanBoy and Cobra with Android and you gotta show!

    iFanBoy is a codename for Apple's highly trained customers who are determined to defend the :apple: against Android an alternative OS to iOS.


    You gotta admit that is true. And the same could be said for FanDroids on Android forums.

    Yoo Apple!
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    I like GReader Pro on my GS3 waaaaaaaaay better than Reeder on my 3rd Gen ipad.
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    I've been looking for a decent RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader for a while on my iPhone and I don't mind GReader on my Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 7. Care to share with us which RSS app is the one to beat GReader on iOS so I can give it a whirl?

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