Goodbye Android, Hello Apple

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by JohnMarxism, Apr 21, 2012.

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    After two years of wrestling with the 2nd-tier overhyped system known as Android (I bought the DroidX on launch day), I finally purchased my first iPhone (4S). For those that will bash me for not waiting for the iPhone 5, please appreciate that I made an iPhone purchase. I could take the rest of the day to complain about what I expected from the Droid, but did not get. I could also take the rest of the day and compliment about the iPhone 4S. I'm completely blown away!
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    Congrats. Enjoy it!
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    You made a good decision :)
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    I'd be interested in your opinion of the iPhone's strengths and weaknesses, both of which I am sure you will find as the days pass and you use your phone more.
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    I would be pleased to do so. I purchased the phone on Thursday, so I will give it seven days from then before I post a review.
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    Enjoy. I made the jump this past February and I can't fathom going back. There are some things that I miss, but in the end, I just like my iPhone so much better.
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    Sometimes something different is good! I went in the opposite direction and am loving it!
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    Congrats on your new purchase. You will be very happy. Although, any high end phone these days will serve most people's purpose. I think we all like change.
    I myself have the 4s but use a SGS2 and now am looking forward to picking up the SGS3. This will be the phone that all others are judged by as it was with the SGS2. iPhone and Galaxy S series phone are clearly the big boys of phone market.
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    If you said it the other way around, you'd have a -100 rating on your post :)
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    Enjoy your phone because I sure do!
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    I myself switch from the Evo to the iPhone 4s and it's great. I miss a few things from the Evo which is the map navigation.
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    Try Waze.
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    Thanks for the laugh, that's great!
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    Believe me, not nearly as good. :(
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    Why do you think so? I've used both and liked both.
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    No 3d, no street view, voice directions are inferior, I can think of more I am sure if I sit down and try... Not saying I don't like Waze. It is the best (free) GPS choice on iOS IMO.

    Conversely, Waze is a lot like a game, which is pretty interesting/different/fun.
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    Just purchase the Telenav app, and pay for the subscription. Telenav on the iPhone is much much better than it was on my Evo, and definitely worth the money.
  19. DodgeV83, Apr 21, 2012
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    Waze has given me some pretty bad directions. The routing isn't very good IMO. I've only heard good things about the free Mapquest app though.

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