Google Covering Defense Costs and Damage Awards for Four Patents in Apple/Samsung Case

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Google is covering lawyer fees and potential damage awards with regards to four patents in the ongoing Apple/Samsung patent case, according to a report from Re/code, quoting deposition testimony from a Google attorney that Apple introduced in court today.

    Google's contractual obligations to defend Samsung relate to a "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement" between the two companies related to the distribution of Google applications, including Gmail on Samsung's Android devices. Samsung called several Google employees as witnesses as part of its defense.

    The case between Apple and Samsung is seen by many as a proxy for the larger battle between Google and Apple over the company's respective mobile operating systems.

    Yesterday, Samsung argued that, if it lost at trial, it would only owe Apple $40 million in damages, substantially less than the $2 billion that Apple says it is owed for infringement of five of its patents.

    Article Link: Google Covering Defense Costs and Damage Awards for Four Patents in Apple/Samsung Case
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    Google really needs Samsung to stay in the fold :eek:
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    Lawyer fees AND potential damages? Didn't Google send Samsung a memo telling them they were copying Apple too closely? It seems like this isn't an Android problem but more of a Samsung problem.
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    Aug 15, 2011
    Poor Google!
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    Jan 18, 2010
    Google and Samsung. Pathetic.
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    The claims Google will cover are related to Android, are not part of Samsung implementation
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    It's an open secret that Samsung is trying to decrease its dependence on Google Android (as distinct from forked Android/Android AOSP) – they'd be idiots not to do so. If they were smart, they'd play up the potential damages for the Google-covered patents and try to maximize the payout that Google would have to make.

    The bottom line is that Samsung is the only Android OEM making big profits. Thus anything that raises the cost of Google Android hurts their competitors much more than it hurts them, because only Samsung can afford any margin hits. In the long run, it would protect their Android market share and make it that much easier for them to fork Android or go with Tizen.
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    Google is one of the most anti-American tech companies I can think of.
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    Haha haha haha haha seriously? A major AMERICAN corporation is totally Anti American.... hahaha

    And Apple is one of the most anti consumer companies around. What with its way to force you to upgrade at maximum cost.
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    This trial has nothing to do with design choices like rounded icons, which is the kind of thing that Google tried to get Samsung to avoid.

    This trial is about internal unseen code methods, written by Google.

    It's common for the source of such methods to protect their licensees. Microsoft publicly announced that they would defend anyone licensing their Windows phone code, for example.
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    Uhh, many American corporations are "anti-American"...Apple isn't exactly pro-American either but they're at least trying to bring work back to the US.

    No major PC manufacturer out there gives you cheap upgrades, not a single one.


    In Microsoft's case, they do not allow the OEM's to mess around with the OS the way Android did/does.
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    That is so 100% true.
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    Oh snap! It just got real–er.
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    Did you use to confirm that?
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    Ignorance is bliss

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    Feb 23, 2012
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    Jun 22, 2009
    You need not respond to him. He wears Apple-rose-colored-glasses.
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    Oct 29, 2011
    Some of comments here really amaze me. How can people be so ignorant?
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    Google'll find it behind the couch.
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    IIRC, Apple wanted Sun to indemnify their use of ZFS. Sun said, "no deal" and Apple dropped it entirely after years of effort.

    I don't think this situation is unusual. If corporation A licenses something from corporation B, some kind of protection against this very type of lawsuit gives corporation A some reasonable assurances.
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    Ah, I see, you are talking about jobs, well that's the capitalist world you live in buddy, they move all manufacturing to the cheapest place on the planet, then charge you the consumer maximum mark ups, result is massive profit, capitalism at it's very best.

    Thankfully, for the whole, where Macs are made they are made pretty well, although I would like a Mac Pro and think it would be nice to have something assembled in America, and I'm British!

    As for the upgrades, Apple are the only ones that drop support for your Mac in OSX, thus if you want the latest version you have to upgrade, and Macs aren't cheap. Not to mention iOS devices which are even worst as you'll need to run the latest iOS eventually to get the apps you want.
    Upgrading PC's are a lot cheaper.
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    Wow you must be republican lol
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    People here are so anti-Samsung they never caught the fact that Apple was suing Samsung to attack Google indirectly. Now that Google has stepped up to the plate we now have Google haters in the house. And because Google is covering 4 out of the 5 patents I'm not sure if people can continue to call Samsung copycats. I see this war between Apple and Google and that will spoil the relationship.
    So I guess now people here are going to close down their Gmail accounts, not use Google maps, avoid YouTube and not visit The hate runs deep here so I wouldn't be surprised.
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    The amount or topic of the code is immaterial.

    Just as Microsoft would only defend code they licensed, Google is only defending code that they wrote themselves.
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    Why bother with Google to search when duckduckgo does it just fine. :)

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