Google Releases Updated Maps for iOS SDK, Opens API Keys to All Developers

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Apr 12, 2001

    When Google released Google Maps for iOS in December, it also announced an SDK that iOS developers could use to implement Google Maps in their apps rather than Apple's mapping solution.

    Tonight, Google announced an updated Maps SDK that adds ground overlay support and makes API keys available to all developers via the Google API Console. Previously, developers had to register and wait to be granted access to keys.

    Now that keys are freely available, it's likely that more developers will use Google Maps in their apps. Some developers may decide to allow users to choose between Google and Apple's maps, much like the recently released Sunrise calendar app.

    Google has also included a sample app in the SDK that developers can use to learn how to use Google Maps in their apps and released a video (above) demonstrating some of the SDK's features.

    Article Link: Google Releases Updated Maps for iOS SDK, Opens API Keys to All Developers
  2. Evmanw macrumors regular


    Aug 4, 2010
    nice, but I still need my public transportation back that was lost when iOS 6 came out
  3. gmanist1000 macrumors 68030


    Sep 22, 2009
    I'm just wondering when 1.0.1 will come out. I want night-mode!
  4. pacohaas macrumors 6502a

    Jan 24, 2006
    Maybe Apple should think about using this API in their Maps app :D.
  5. jav6454 macrumors Pentium


    Nov 14, 2007
    1 Geostationary Tower Plaza
    Oh man, this means all those Bing maps driven applications are now, bye-bye.
  6. a0me macrumors 6502a


    Oct 5, 2006
    Tokyo, Japan
    Public transportaion is available on the current Google Maps app. What do you mean?
  7. KazuSnow macrumors regular


    May 24, 2010
    Canada (Australian)
    Down under

    Not in every country - Australia lost it with the "upgrade" :(
  8. lamina macrumors 68000


    Mar 9, 2006
    From Canada, living in Seoul
    Where is Google Maps for iPad? Apple Maps is cool too, but COME ON.
  9. jav6454 macrumors Pentium


    Nov 14, 2007
    1 Geostationary Tower Plaza
    Agreed, although... I bet Google is working on something better. More real estate better interface.
  10. bluespark macrumors 6502a

    Jul 11, 2009
    New York
  11. Fatalbert macrumors 6502

    Feb 6, 2013
    Nice! Choice is good, though I'll probably be using Apple Maps except for navigation (since the iPhone 4 cannot do turn-by-turn with it, only with Google Maps).


    I really do not like the Google Maps interface, and lags for me. But I'm really glad they brought turn-by-turn to the iPhone 4 and earlier!
  12. bozzykid macrumors 68020

    Aug 11, 2009
    What upgrade? There's been only one release of Google Maps and it has transit directions for Australia according to Google's website. Apple Maps lost built-in transit directions in the iOS 6 update not Google Maps.
  13. RicoRich196 macrumors member

    Apr 28, 2011
    Okay thanks Googz now can we have an update for the App itself? I wake up in the middle of the night and check the AppStore and go to sleep disappointed.

    For serious:
    Addresses from Contacts
    Recent Searches
    Massage spots with happy endings
  14. lolkthxbai macrumors 65816


    May 7, 2011
    Am I the only one that actually likes Apple Maps? :p
  15. PantherCreek macrumors regular

    Jun 25, 2011
    Dallas/Ft. Worth
    I like them too, but I live in an area where I have had no issues with Apple maps.

    I do think that choices help foster competition, and competition between Google and Apple, albeit outside of the courtrooms, really will benifit the consumers the most.
  16. APlotdevice macrumors 68040


    Sep 3, 2011
    It's alright. I don't have a big problem with the inaccuracies, as Google's own maps are hardly flawless.
  17. OtherJesus macrumors 6502


    Sep 28, 2005
    Bay Area, California
    Wow google sure works fast when they are totally cut off from stock iOS.

    Goes to show that they do not have our best interest in mind.
  18. lwapps macrumors regular


    Sep 3, 2012
    Phew I was wondering when I could stop subjecting people to Apple Maps.


    Very true! Although I do fail to see how Google profit from making a maps application which makes their competitors phone a lot more valuable.
  19. guspasho macrumors regular

    Apr 13, 2011
    Google never developed the stock iOS app, nor did Apple give them any advance warning on its demise. If Apple Maps wasn't such a disaster, I doubt Apple would even have allowed apps to use competing maps services.


    Advertising. It's Google's bread and butter. Far more valuable than Android or any of their hardware.
  20. Moshe1010 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 27, 2010
    Why do you need Google maps for iPad? Do you need 8-10" GPS display in your car? Plug in 40" Plasma then, and get over with it.
  21. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    San Jose (CA)
    That's good, but I do hope it's a choice. I wouldn't want to be forced to use one map over the other. For example in the US, Google maps is great but in China, Apple maps seems to have more up to date maps and POIs.
  22. tdtran1025 macrumors 6502

    Dec 26, 2011
  23. mw360 macrumors 65816


    Aug 15, 2010
    The same way they profit from giving away Android for free, or Docs, or GMail.
  24. gnasher729 macrumors G5


    Nov 25, 2005
    Since Apple was paying Google major amounts of money every year for Google Maps (high eight or low nine digits), and stopped paying a penny to Google for map data since, I doubt that Google didn't know about this.
  25. OllyW Moderator


    Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    The Black Country, England
    I thought Apple's contract still had over a year left to run when they dropped Google?

    If so they must still be paying (or have paid off) Google.

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