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Google's Text-to-Speech Engine Praises Apple's iPad

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 4, 2013.

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    A bug in Google's text-to-speech engine is causing Google Now and Google Translate to interject the phrase "he now praises the iPad" into sentences that end using phrases such as "end with," "enraged with," and "filled with."

    The mysterious phrasing, which first came about in October 2012 on the Android support page, was publicized by Hacker News last night, resulting in some hilarious sentences.

    One altered spoken sentence, for example reads, "Larry Page used to use an Android. But that is now at an end, he now praises the iPad."

    Theoretically, Google's algorithm improperly incorporated this sentence, causing the bug. Thus far, Google has not resolved the problem, so for the time being, Google Now and Google Translate can still be used to create humorous sentences.

    Article Link: Google's Text-to-Speech Engine Praises Apple's iPad
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    I don't want this to be resolved cause it is hilarious! :D:cool:
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    Cue in Samsung ad.

    Edit: Use "hard with" to activate the bug

    Edit2: ok, it is with combination, you got to play around with the words.
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    Disgruntled programmers unite!
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    Haha, how entertaining.
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    Google is fast..

    They removed text to speech already.
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    Siri has become self aware and she's out taking revenge ;)
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    I only wish Siri would work so well :(
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    Translategate... Lets see if fandroids demand an apology from Google because Google isn't praising an Android product!
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    Still working for me.
  13. gorskiegangsta, Jan 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013

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    No way it's a bug. It's an intentional dig against Apple

    EDIT: I think it was supposed to be an intentional dig against Apple in some key phrases (e.g. Larry Page fell and hit his head so hard, he now praises the iPad), but it got out of hand :D
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    sounds more like a free advertising :)
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    Considering the volume of people using Google's services daily, it may be the most effective advertisement.

    I kind-of wish it happened before the holidays :p
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    A mole is working at Google.
    Pretty darn funny.
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    Too awesome. A bug you're in no hurry to have fixed.
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    Not a bug, an Easter egg. It is programmer tradition.
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    That's not a bug, thats a feature to remind Android users that the iPad rules :D LOL
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    lmao still unbelievable.
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    So weird. I just tried it and it added "so much drama, he now praises the ipad".

    If text to speech is not working, it may be because of Click2Flash or some other flash blocker.
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    Aha! Thanks
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    Interesting that none notice the .com.mx topdomain and that you are not logged in to google at that site. It's just all fake.

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