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gradient fill quessy

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by rogerw, Jun 5, 2005.

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    just cobbled together a simple business card (in photoshop) which on about 1/3rd of the card from the left is a mainly orange graphic. this then stops and the remaider is white with the contact details on. Is there a way to blend this orange/white divide, over about 5mm. Ive tried using gradient fill but im not sure how this works and only get a preset gradients fill things.

    any ideas??

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    you should be able to blend the fade to where its more smooth.... if thats what i gather your trying to get to.

    you have to double click on the gradient on that top bar and it should open a window... from here is where you construct your colors to fade and how smooth or harsh you want to fade or color gradient. there is a small bubble or dot between the two colors that you want to fade...... move that around... move those little tags/buttons/tabs whatever they are called around to your liking. sorry... i dont know the proper terms... its easier to show then to verbalize. hope this helps.. prbably doesnt... since you may not be able to understand me due to my lack of proper jargon.
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    well, ill give it a try anyway, thanks

    im just trying to blend the orange into the white - gradually. Instead of the orange stopping then the white. (i dont know the jargon as well)
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    well, you should be able to accomplish that by setting your colors right there on the bottom of your tool palette. put the bg on white & the fg on orange. then just select the gradient tool and make sure up there in the little strip at the top that it shows white to orange.. then just drag it along your document however long you want the gradient to last.
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    ta, ill give that a go
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    I presume you have an orange box for the orange part.

    If so, then Control-Click on the orange-box Layer in the Layers Palette, and choose "Blending Options." Then click on the Gradient option (click the checkbox) and set up your gradient right there. This way you can easily make adjustments to the gradient without having to re-do it from scratch.
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    ok, i think ive sussed it. I played with various ways of doing this and I found that the best for me was to choose the white swatch??!! at 100% opacity.

    Thanks for all your help
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    Roger from what I gather in your original post you have a graphic image on the left side of the card that is to only cover the left 1/3 of the card then within 5mm blend to white, correct?

    In photoshop using the wand tool with a tolerance setting of say 50, select the white side of the card. Then choose feather (option+cmnd+d) and feather the selection to about 24 pixels (assuming the original is at 300 dpi) then under filter choose Gaussian Blur and set it to about 20 and apply it to the selection. It may take 2 or 3 applications of the Blur to get what you want, but just keep hitting cmnd+f to repeat the blur filter until satisfied. Then select Add Noise and set it to about 1.7 and that will help make the blend a little smoother.

    This will help to retain the integrity of the orange image without getting it to trashed.

    Hope this helps ;)
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    ta for this, i will try this later when i have a bit more time.

    original is at 300 dpi.
    your suggestion may overcome the problem that the gradient fill thingy seems to be a bit of a blunt tool, (in my hands), considering that the orange bit on the left is actually a graphic.
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    tried this a couple of times and it had no effect. Is there something you accidently missed out. Suppose it could be me, mind you.

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