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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sawtoothdude, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I am looking to get a PCI Graphics card for the Powermac G3 Blue, I need it to be supported by Quartz Extreme with or with out PCI Extreme Software. I also need it to be inexpensive. What graphics card would suit my Mac?
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    I don't know what PCI Extreme software is but the best card you can get for the B&W is the PCI Radeon 9200. The Radeon 7000 is also an option. There are always some on eBay (search for 'Mac Radeon PCI').
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    PCI extreme is a hack to enable QE on older, pci-based macs. And it worked great with the 9200 I had in my B&W :D
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    I have a G4 upgrade in there making it soar with my media but the Lack Of Quatrz Extreme is hindering some stuff, mostly Front Row because I get the video tearing. I don't need top notch performance or tons of memory as my machine only gets a video work out in DVDs, Front Row and occasionally iMovie.
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    Honestly you're trying to do way way too much with that thing. Also, PCI Extreme made DVD playback suffer immensely on my well-upgraded B&W G3.
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    Wow, you're doing that on a Power Mac G3 w/G4? Get a new machine. You're wasting money on that Power Mac that could be going toward a new one.
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    It is my brothers Machine and he mostly uses it for a Jukebox and watches DVDs with his 24" Monitor, It performs fine but we are trying to get Front Row to Not appear Upside down. M Main machine is the 1.8 Ghz G4 in my sig(Now with more memory) Also I rarely Use iMovie, So far it has been used twice for small little projects and when he needs larger projects he uses my G4.

    I am just looking for a graphics card that will let me and my brother watch DVDs and use Front Row without it showing up akwardly.
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    I never used front row but did have a B & W G3 with a Radeon 7000. It played DVDs fine.
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    They play DVDs fine stock. It's only until you do the PCI Extreme hack that stuff like that gets messed up.

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