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graphics card question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by pdp, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. pdp
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    hi everyone, im a newb here and to macs in general.
    on to my question...
    why does it state that the 30" cinema display requires the nvidia cards? from what ive been reading i cant find anything that explains WHY.

    also, do the ati's support dual dvi inputs?

    lastly, if any of you do have the nvidia cards installed on your pm g5, could you please post photos? or if you run a 30" display, could you post pictures of the input connection, please?

    thanks all
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    The 6800 is the only Mac card that has dual "channel" DVI (not as in 2 ports, which it does have as well, but dual DVI signal through 1 port). The 30" has so many pixels to fill, a normal single DVI port cannot handle it.
  3. pdp
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    ahhhh, makes sense. would it be that hard for nvidia or apple to include that snippet of info?

    cheers mate :)
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    Laslo Panaflex

    As of right now, no, not officially. At a conference in October ATI was powering a 30" and an old ADC 23" of a X800 card. So, my best guess is that ATI will announce a X800 for mac at MWSF, so if you are planning on getting the 30" and not want the Nvidia card, wait untill MWSF before you commit.
  6. pdp
    macrumors newbie

    the wording got me :(
    i read it over and over and it still didnt sound the way you made it sound.

    i dont really have a preference either way. my pc's run ati's b/c im a huge gamer and they've never let me down yet.

    i got the dual 2.5 b/c im trying to break out of the 9-5 mold and get into something more entertaining. primarily, motorcycle videos and digital imaging

    thanks again
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    And, if they follow the course set in previous years, they show it in October, announce it at MWSF then give out no further word on the matter until May or so when they cancel it and say instead they're coming out with the X850 due in August.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Well, they announced the Radeon 9800 Mac Special Edition 256mb card there last year, and it came out reasonably after that, I think maybe a month, or two at the latest, I don't remember.

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