Great design Apple could use for two-button pro mouse.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by medea, Mar 4, 2003.

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    MacMice today announced the availability of its Optical Mouse for "Macintosh users who like the design of Apple's Pro Mouse, but who want to enjoy 2-button and scrollwheel functions." It tilts left and right instead of having buttons.

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    Very nice it is too, i thinks I might get me one. Very impressed
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    maybe now it is available to the wide public, but I remember that the design is a year old already
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    Mr. Anderson

    ah, the two button option is actually tilting the mouse left or right, interesting.

    I like the design, but before I would buy it, I'd want to take it for a test drive.

    Anyone ever use this mouse?

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    Yep. Ive used it.

    it photographs well but I don't care for it. It feels very cheap and is definitly not worth the fourty bucks.

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    i would really like to try one of these out also...

    and it DOES photograph well, i can tell that much. it looks increadible!
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    Can you tell us how the "buttons" feel, that kind of setup makes me iffy on if it will be actually comfortable with longterm use.
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    Does anyone know if the scroll wheel can double as a third button? It seems like it would be the perfect mouse if it had bluetooth.
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    definitely over a year old.

    from what i remember, people were not to excited about the tilting thing. i think it clicked accidently too often...
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    OMFG!!! 40 dollars! I've had this mouse for like a year and it cost me 23 dolars from ! They even used the same pictures!!! I will bet my computer that they are even manufactured at the same factory!!! Oh and it is a great mouse, the turning motion takes all of 5 minutes to get used to and it does not accidentally click. DO NOT BUY FROM THERE UNLESS YOURE THE TYPE THAT WIPES THEMSELF WITH 100 DOLLAR BILLS!!!
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    Way to freak out over 17 bucks.
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    ~cracks up~

    one question i just thought of.... when you need to hold down the button and drag, the apple mouse has the two little bits on the sides that you can grip the mouse with, i don't see a way of doing that with this one. a pain or no?
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    oh yeah just remembered- dragging is a b1tch with this mouse...
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    that is a very nice mouse. I would get one if I could buy a mouse
    whenever I wanted. ;)
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    This is a design I suggested a while ago. I love the apple pro mouse, but it simply needs two buttons. The MacMouse does need the side tabs, though, like the pro mouse.
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    Re: Great design Apple could use for two-button pro mouse.

    at my local compusa, they had that mouse next to the 15.2 tibook, although it was in all white
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    I still have to say my Logitech MX700 mouse is the best mouse I have ever owned. The $79 price tag is pretty hefty, but I found mine for $20 less than that.

    Considering Apple charges out the you-know-what for their wired one-button mouse, this isn't that bad. I have owned a ton of mice in my time, but this one really takes the cake. my hands are slightly large for it, but after I got used to that, I no longer casually browse the mice section at the computer stores, wishing for more.
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    im probably in the minority, but i actually perfer the 1 button pro mouse. command, option, or control clicks arent any problem..
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    Actually I like the one button myself and have no problems using it, but since so many people complain about it I'd imagine that if Apple did release a two button mouse it would still have the same design as the current pro-mouse and this mouse is about as close as it comes to that.
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    That diamond shape looks awful, in my opinion. I'd rather have it look exactly like the Apple Pro mouse, then, and only then, would I buy it.
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    Re: Great design Apple could use for two-button pro mouse.

    it looks alot like apples pro mouse, except for the tappering and lines on the top. i think the lines on top offer nothing to the look or function. and i dont think tilting it to the left or right would be very friendly when your cutting a path or doing any detail work in photo editing. you would have to tilt the mouse while you controled the direction of the mouse movement. just my impressions.

    and what about when you need to reposition the mouse? you can do this with a buttoned mouse by clicking and holding the button down while you draw your lines AND lift the mouse up to reposition the mouse and continue your line.

    how would you do this on a mouse that requires you to tilt it left or right for button functions?
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    I cant see Apple ever fully abandoning the one button mouse thing its very mac like.

    But hey, i love my apple pro mouse and use it for everything i do (FCP, Premiere, Livemotio, Golive etc.) works fine.

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