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Grimrock on the Mac?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by segovius, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Anyone know how - or even IF - the Mac port is going?
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    It seems to me they were overwhelmed with all the work required to get this game released on the PC and subsequently the level editor. They're only a small team of five guys I believe. That said it's hard to say if they'll ever get around to porting it to the Mac.

    As doh113 pointed out it does work quite well in Wineskin. I have yet to try it myself but a lot of people seem to have had success playing it that way.

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    wonder why they don't just release a Wineskin port of it officially... cheap and quick and it runs great.
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    Good point. However maybe providing technical support for it would be a bit much for them?

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    Apparently they have started work on it though...not sure how seriously but they were at one point doing it.
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    Legend of Grimrock is out for Mac today. At least on Steam it's now Steamplay, so a previously bought Windows version now gives access to the Mac version as well.

    At the same time they've done some pretty amazing improvements to the graphics engine - the "low rendering" setting (which to me looks barely different from high, ie still really nice) plays totally smooth on my lowly Nvidia 9400m at native 1680x1050 resolution.
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    You also get the mac version drm-free on humble bundle this week!
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    Great game, but I gave up on it on the Goromorg Temple Level as I just couldn't deal with the Frost Lizards. I found them to be impossible with my party. So many of them in that level.
    I wish I could find a cheat to allow me to get past them. Infinite health, or something.
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    the game popped up in my Mac Steam list a couple weeks back, haven't tried it yet though.
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    I grabbed the Windows version of this game during the Steam Thanksgiving sale for under $4. I figured it was going to be a Steamplay title so I'd get the Mac version for free when it came out which is exactly what has happened. However the Windows version works perfectly in Crossover 12 so I've been playing it off and on anyways since then but have now moved my saved games to the Mac version.

    In short this is a really well-done game and harkens back to the type of dungeon crawlers that just generally aren't made anymore. It's very atmospheric and will even scare you at times. It's also very heavily puzzle orientated and quite a bit more challenging than most of the dumbed down stuff you see today. But it's difficult in a good way. I hope we see more from these guys.

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    If you bought the Stand-a-lone Windows version (non-Steam), you can go back to the original download email you have and go back to the same link and re-download the stand-a-lone Mac and Linux versions for no extra cost...
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    I'm thinking about buying the Mac version of Legend of Grimrock off Steam, in the UK.

    Is anyone able to confirm that the Steam Version runs fine
    (i) in Mountain Lion, and
    (ii) on a new iMac with a 680MX.

    Any help appreciated....
  14. Washac, Jan 23, 2013
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    Is this right ?

    I purchased my standalone Windows copy from GOG.

    I have dropped the Grimrock people a mail on this.
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    Mountain Lion yes... I've used it with a Geforce 650M fine, so I doubt the 680MX will have a problem.

    If you buy the game off the Grimrock website, they give you a DRM free version... you get all versions and a Steam key.

    I have no idea if its good if you bought it from GOG... I got it from Grimrock makers themselves directly on the Grimrock website.
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    According to this, and checking out the GOG website, they're only offering Grimrock Windows only.

    Though the GOG people are usually fairly cool about stuff like this. They'll likely put up a link to both the Win/Mac versions when it comes available on their site. Which, honestly, I'm surprised hasn't happened already.
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    Anybody who bought the Windows version of Grimrock through GOG can now download the Mac version at no extra charge :)

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