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grungey look forth rail bridge

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by yagran, May 15, 2007.

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    ok so im not a proffesional by any means, its just a new hobby. i love taking photos of big landscapes and great engineering achievements i guess, anything i look at and think wow.

    anyways, i made a kinda grungey look on one of my pictures and i just wanted some feedback on what you think of it, it wasnt taken on an expensive camera or anything like that because i havent got the money :(, i took it a couple of weekends ago when i was visitng friends up in scotland, they took us to a lil restaurant overlooking the river so i snapped a pic of the view! ive attached the original (shrunk down) and my dark processed version

    thnx for looking

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    You might try cropping out 1/3rd of the sky at the top, the eye is drawn to the lightest points in an image first, and in this case it spends a bit too much time wandering around the empty sky instead of the moody bridge. I think that'd get more of the effect you're trying for, which I like in this image.
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    Westside guy

    Just speaking for myself - I like it as-is.
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    ok thanks for the tips.

    i made the sky smaller, so its a kinda really wide photo, looks cooler.

    i made two versions, one dark, and one lighter, which one looks best do you rekon?

    do you think this photo is actually any good at all?

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    do you mean the original photo? because i agree it looks beutiful, its a great bridge, but i thought id try and process it abit and change the mood
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    I like the lighter one. It's really diffcult to evaluate if it's good at this size, but I can see how it would be! I much prefer the cropped version.
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    heres another phto of mine that i took in turks and caicos (caribbean) i modded the colours and mood again, i like it although i dont think its as pretty as the bridge

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    Westside guy

    Edit #2: :D Argh, I don't seem to be saying what I'm trying to say! hehehe I must be caffeine deprived.

    I really like the framing as-is with the original photo.

    With the processed versions, I think I agree with compuwar - it's more consistent with the way you seem to want it to "feel".

    But I really like the original (absent the white blotches) very much.
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    The original crop has a more balanced composition, with the weight of the bridge having a nice sense of gravity, being in the lower portion. I like the original crop better. Nice mood changes, though.

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