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Guest and registered user titles?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Flying Llama, Oct 11, 2004.

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    Flying Llama

    Why are some people's title guest or registered user? if they posted here, then aren't they registered anyway? vice-versa with guest?? :confused:

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    Mr. Anderson

    Guest is something like banned....

    Registered user is just a regular member...

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    Flying Llama

    then why don't you just write banned?

    what's the difference? how do you get that?

    anyway thanks.
  4. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    For some members, guesting is just a courtesy.

    As for registered user....that is an odd one. There are quite a few and actually after looking at it I'm not so sure why they don't have a rank and such.

    I'll find out.

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    Flying Llama

    Thanks. :)
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    Typically, those who have no posts or have only posted in the political forum show up as 'Registered User'.
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    Flying Llama

    hmm, that makes sense.
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    Mr. Anderson

    There are exceptions that don't make sense though...




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    Weird indeed, I hadn't noticed those two. cb911 & mac15 are both big posters and are well past regular/member status :confused: weird...
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    Flying Llama

    this poor user got his/her thread wastlanded, its also ironic that nusuni is now "guest"

    good thing i had pix
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    I've done a little digging around and figured out why - and I've changed those two users so that the titles show the way they should. If there's anybody else that should be a 60* whatever in their title and it only shows as "registered user" either post it in this thread, or PM me about it, or just report one of their posts to the moderators and put the reason for the report in the field. I'll get it changed right away, and when I get some time I'll go through and find those that should be changed.

    Thanks for bringing it up - this is really a weird holdover from the early days of the forums.
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    So was registered user just like an error or something?
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    The Californian

    Have you been wondering that for almost 5 years now? haha
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    Well given that I joined in 2006...Umm, no, I remember looking at a thread where someone was like this, so I mroogled it.
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    A registered user nowadays is someone who has started the registration process but has not fully completed it.
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    Okay, but back in the "olden" days it was sorta just an error?
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    In the olden days it seems it was used for those with zero post count, today they will have newbie status if they have fully gone through the registration process.

    Shows that there was clearly some error that a few members from the early days of the forums still had registered status even after they had posted.

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