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GUI Folding Status App for DP_Folding

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by timbloom, Mar 13, 2003.

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    A couple friends and I have made a simple little GUI for the DP_Folding script that mc68k made.

    EDIT: updates have been moved to http://www.osxlong.com/

    NOTE: This does require mc68k's DP_folding (dual proc) or SP_Folding (single processor) script to be installed. (it can be found here: http://homepage.mac.com/mc68k )

    This is a 1.0 release, but still really basic. Any constructive comments are welcome here.
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    :Cannot Find members webpage:
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    Sorry, they moved the file on me. I fixed the link and it should work now. Also, I added that it does work on single processor machine if mc68k's single processor script is installed
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    Re: GUI Folding Status App for mc68k's DP_Folding & SP_Folding

    Good job man! now i can see how the folding is going without going to the terminal. Now in a future version you could add a button to start or stop the folding process for each processor! that would be really cool, cause with this simple GUI interface, more people with Dual Macs would put the 2nd processor to run without being worried to mess with the Terminal. Oh and another thing... you could do it for the Macrumors Folding Team GUI project! Talk to bousozoku as well cause he was developing one as well. Good job once more!
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    Re: Re: GUI Folding Status App for mc68k's DP_Folding & SP_Folding

    Funny you would say that, as it is actually being added as we speak. I was thinking of that this morning right as I was typing up the original post. It should be in a very-near future release.

    Edit: We will have to research a little more to see if we could get a start/stop for each processor, but we will check that out.
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    I just saw bousozoku's app and the UI's are very similar looking... I was not aware that there was allready a program that could do this. Ours is not Java though, it is cocoa. Here is a little picuture of how mine is running right now.

    From what I could tell from the description the main difference that I have found is:
    Ours should not require any configuration, as long as DP_folding or SP_folding are installed, and none of the files have been moved from their default locations. Currently ours only works with these 2 configurations of Folding@home.
    Also, ours should automatically check if you have 1 or 2 active processes and then hides the second progess bar if you have just one. Not a whole lot of difference there, but you should just be able to download this one and have it work.

    Please, continue the comments and suggestions.

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    That's very nice, indeed. :)

    Mine was written in Java so that it could be used on any machine that supports Java2 v. 1.3.1. Mac OS X, Windows, UNIX, and Linux users can all benefit and we do several people folding using Windows.
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    Instead of only us benifiting, everyone is. :D
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    Question though: what's the CPU advantage over just running the GUI version of F@H? Currently, the GUI, though not very memory efficient, is very CPU efficient, peaking at only about 5.5% every few seconds (when the protein rotates). Actually, now that I think about it, I can see the advantage for Dual CPU machines, but what's the advantage for single?
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    Very cool.

    Buttons to turn it on and off would be even cooler, since I don't want my new 12" PowerBook to overheat when I'm trying to use it, and killing the process in the terminal is not the funnest thing to do...
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    when you want to close it... you can't close it. :rolleyes:
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    The folding core is still using all your free processor power wether you are using the GUI or not, neither are really more efficient at the core, that i am aware of, but the actual GUI f@h is the one stealing that 5% every now and then, when without the GUI it is not a factor.
    I have noticed that our program does use more processor than it should currently, but since it is just a status app, I don't expect people to be running it 24-7, and decreasing its usage may be a goal in the future.
  13. pEZ
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    I'd really like to see either a percentage finished or number of frames folded next to the progress bar. Love the design!
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    Re: percentage

    Are you sure... you didn't want one of the other progress apps out there?
    Both do the same exact thing, execpt you needed to run the scripts. ;)
  15. pEZ
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    Yes, because it takes a heck of a lot of time to load the java applet, and it's also ugly as sin (sorry guys, looks like a pc. That freaks me out).

    Brushed metal is my friend.
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    Updates for this program have been moved to:


    You can also find other useful software that he makes there.
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    Besides that JAVA is cross platform Java 1.41 made it look really really ugly... former versions looked much better IMO.

    Moving back to topic. Was there an update or just a site move?
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    I added a preference to change the update interval and some small bug fixes.

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