Guides aren't spelling Mac hardware correctly!!

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by thomasp, Oct 31, 2005.

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    So fix it. That's why wikis are cool. :)

    Edit: Nevermind, apparently mediawiki doesn't see a difference between EMac and eMac, so the page can't be moved.
  3. arn
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    this is a limitation of the Wiki software.

    titles can only start with Capital letters.

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    I guess someone will have to create a page with the correct spelling of all things Apple!

    I wonder what the Wiki thingy will do about .Mac ;)
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    It also seems that Maths isn't a strong point for the guides ;)

    How can there be more admins than reigstered users? (from )
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    My guess is that the 6 users are people who signed up specifically for the guides, while any forums user with over 20 posts automatically have accounts, 29 of which (probably the mods) are admins.
  7. arn
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    ya, apparently my vbulletin integration isn't triggering the usercount as it should.

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    Why not start them all with Apple? Apple eMac, Apple's redundant but it preserves the name.
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    Yeah, either that or we should all be smart enough to figure out what is really meant when something is listed as "IBook" as opposed to "iBook"... ;)
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    I normally loathe popups, but I'm considering writing a flash image that triggers a pop-up containing the following phrase:

    "MediaWiki articles, due to technical limitations, all begin with capital letters. There's nothing we can do about it. If it seriously bothers you, then douse yourself with gasoline and set yourself on fire, and then maybe someone'll listen."

    Is it just me, or are there about 10 000 posts too many on this topic, when a simple look at any of these so-called "misspelled" models' pages would result in the glorious epiphany of, you know, answering your @#$%ing question?
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    Yeah, it would be one thing if the answer wasn't provided anywhere, but being that it's mentioned right in the article itself for those items in question, it makes you shake your head...
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