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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    Yeah, in this story at PC World, OS X gets a full compliment of 5 points if hacked!

    Not saying that this any good or anything, but its kinda cool that we get props by the hacker community :D.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, it also says a lot that you get 5 points for a Macserver :D

    Anyone know the website? I'd love to follow the results....

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    The website was brought down because they apparently broke the Terms of Service... but it was


    which is stupid because .com is already totally tight with restrictions ...

    *MrMacMan will not be taking part of this event, though I know somepeople who will...

    They are already 'preparing'... but they might not acually do it currently there is alot of FUD going around about how people will get 'points' and who is keeping record... scoring... time to start... etc.

    Go to an underground IRC channel ... :rolleyes:
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    One thing it is going to mean for me is alot of updates on the servers I maintain. I guess this will be a good excuse to update the web servers with fixes.
    I just wish they wouldn't have picked the first scheduled weekend I had off in a month. Wish the script kiddies would get a life.... (No offence to the guys you know MrMacMan. Well Yeah kinda. :) and tell them I called them Script Kiddies.. :D)
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    haha, they are legit man.

    I don't need to go into details but they have majorly messed up some places.

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    Sorry to all hackers prior to this post.

    Please, do something other than hacking, it may be fun to bring sites down and cause trouble for them but, c'mon...

    And I don't mean to stereo type anybody but you have made a pretty bad reputation for yourself...

    I'm tempted to say "Get some friends, read a book, turn off ya computer".

    Do I really have the power to say this, I'm on these forums :D
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    Did you guys see the link on the same page about colleges teaching hacking as an ffort by Microsoft to help new software engineers write more secure code (because they're definitely the experts in this area). I thought that was really funny.
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    Haha guys, I didn't say I hack... :p

    That would be illegal! :rolleyes:

    But anyway there are always Challenges in hacking, but never with a point system like this... haha.
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    That's probably why they only get 1 point per site down...
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    The school where I attend classes has "Internetworking security" which is a class about securing your servers against attacks. However, part of the class involves testing your safeguarding by hacking.
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    i really despise hacking other people's computers but with
    as the prize for defacing the most websites it sounds irresistably good :(
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    But that prize isn't so hard to setup yourself. Stock Macs running OS X can do that with a little work. (Far less than the hacking would require.) And do you really need all of that bandwidth? Not for a piddly little site that a script kiddy would have.

    FYI challenge started at 9am. None of my servers affected yet. I haven't bumped into a defacement yet, except www.zone-h.org is under a DOS attack currently. (The place you were supposed to report defacements.)
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    Seems like the challenge didn't amount to much... CNN article.
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    i can't believe someone defaced zone-h :rolleyes:
    anyway, it's 500mb, webmail, a domain name and e-mail forwarding for FREE. that's the thing to keep in mind.
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