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Hacker Upgrades Mac Mini w/ Core 2 Duo

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 13, 2006.


Which components would you/have you upgraded in your Mac?

  1. CPU

    168 vote(s)
  2. RAM

    346 vote(s)
  3. Video (if applicable, i.e. PowerMacs)

    163 vote(s)
  4. Other internal upgrades (hard drive(s), optical, PCI, etc)

    222 vote(s)
  5. External upgrades (USB, Firewire, external SATA, etc...)

    204 vote(s)
  6. I don't upgrade: I buy new ones.

    27 vote(s)
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    Macenstein is reporting that a hacker with access to a Core 2 Duo "Merom" CPU clocked at 2.16 GHz has successfully upgraded his Mac Mini. According to the hacker's benchmarks, the upgraded Mini beat out a Dual 2.5 GHz G5 in an iTunes encoding test by 15%. Note that these benchmarks could not be confirmed by MacRumors, but are placed on Page 1 for interest's sake.

    Both the Mac Mini and the iMac have socketed CPUs, which make them suitable for swapping with Intel's imminent Core 2 Duo chips, which are conveniently socket-compatible with Intel's current Core Duo chips. The MacBook and MacBook Pro however have their CPUs soldered to the motherboard, making upgradeability impractical.
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    Time to turn in my long-in-the-tooth 2x2.5 G5?
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    Beat a dual G5 by that much?!?
    I know I'm holding out for Merom like so many others, but I'll wait until official benchmarks come out to have that stat verified...

    But nice to know we can upgrade easily all the same!
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    All I can say this type of upgrading options makes these little affordable packages very appealing! :)
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    Wow thats really fast can't wait for the new MBP's and maybe MB's :)
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    I see a big market for "old" core solo mini's after these chips hit the streets in numbers.

    You could trick out a nice system for heavy lifting (not graphics intensive) for a fraction of what Apple's going to eventually charge.

    I'm waiting for proc upgrades for the MB. I think I'll run with that from a ship 'n' strip 'n' re-equip company instead of going with a new Rev., unless they throw in some more nice bells and whistles.
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    *chuckles at the PowerPC fanboys* ;) :p :)
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    Yea, but the G5 has higher Mhz. :p
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    So how does Aperture run on Core Duo (Yonah or Merom) compared to 1.67 GHz PPC Powerbook? It should run much much faster if it were not for the integrated graphics.
    In order to speed up Aperture for me, I guess would either have to buy an iMac or a MacBook Pro.
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    Wow, with stats like those, I'm going to be switching to Intel very very soon...:(
    Looks down on his iMac G5.:(
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    I expect that when the Merom comes out, the MBP will be upgraded, but the MB will stick with the cheaper Yonah processors.
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    my girlfriend will be incredibly chuffed when i tell her. (got an imac a few months back)

    and after I explain what that means.


    and then just settle and tell her its a good thing.
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    Or wait for them to iron out the kinks that are eating up CPU and GPU cycles.

    I bought Aperture first thing and it's unbearably slow on a 2.1GHz 2.5GB imac G5. My work flow is fast just using PS and iPhoto.

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    It seems Apple has made their computers very easily upgradable, so hopefully they'll update their lines more often to keep up with other PC manufacturers.
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    Only for a short time - its been well recorded on these forums (and many other places) that Jobs/Apple want to migrate the entire line to the new Core 2 Duo chips.
    MBP in Sept, MB's in Nov/Jan....
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    Now this is impressive, almost as fast as a Dual 2.5 G5 in Photoshop trough Rosetta ????...now that good !

    Lets see what 4 of these cores can do..with no Rosetta translation :D
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    Not so fast. (Pun) Having sold quite a few Apple computers on Ebay over the last three years I can attest to the fact that Apple computers really hold their value. Even if Apple puts the Core 2 in the mini the older Core solos will keep most of their value. So, it might be cheaper, but not by much. I don't think you'll see a Core 2 in a mini for quite some time. It will go in the iMac long before it lands in the budget mini. Which means the mini will retain top resale dollar. But being able to upgrade your mini gives the mini even more value. So a $600 mini + $xx for the proc = a great option.

    It will be curious to see if the Core 2 makes it into the MacBook. I don't think it will right away. Everyone is raving about what a great buy the MacBook is compared to the Pro, so all you suckers that bought a MacBook Pro are going to be pissed when your machines are outdated within a year and the performace differece between the MacBook and MacBook Pro widens.

    Can't wait to put one in my iMac. :p
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    What does "well recorded on these forums" mean? It's all speculation at this point. Jobs/Apple has not gone on the record in any way with a roadmap of which processors are going into which computers.

    This benchmark isn't that surprising considering that the 2.0 ghz MacBook beats out the 2.0 ghz Dual G5 in several benchmarks. Since they say Meroms are about 20% faster at the same clock, 2.167 ghz x 120% should beat out a 2.5ghz Dual G5.
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    If this is true then GREAT!!!! There will be good business swapping chips for people if the specs are true.

    but if it's all a hoax or false numbers....
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    yeah an and my blue and white G3 400.... Think I'll notice the difference?
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    Doesn't Daystar Digital do CPU swaps for PowerBook G4s? (also soldered)

    What's to prevent this from ever being an option for Intel CPUs?
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    Excellent as it may be, you are still limited by the ( relatively poor ) graphics card.
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    A is jump

    Boy I was wondering how long it would take for someone to HAVE to point that out.

    maybe someone should figure out how to add a dedicated Graphics card to the mac mini and macbook, and then everyone can stop whining about how their cheap computer isnt as good as the expensive models.

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