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hacking into osx...

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by krossfyter, Mar 2, 2002.

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    This is probably old for most people...but im new to it so here it goes...

    Im really interested in hacking into osx. I found out about www.missingmanuals.com that deals with doing this sort of stuff. I went there to look for Tinker Tool. I got it. So now Im suppose to be able to make my doc background transparent right? Well I cant find that option anywhere with tiner tool. Where is it at? If it does have that option. I really want to do this without unix code..root user. If there is no other way other than enabling root ...then how does one do it succesfully ..step by step...with root?

    Also... One is suppose to be able to change up the apperance of the dock backround to whatever picture you like ...by booting up in os9...bringing up photoshop...>file->open system->library->coreservices->dock.app->contents->resources.... then go to the folder of mac osx and open ....then you bring up...middle.pdf in photoshop and manipulating it there.

    however when i try that i cant even get into dock.app....since it is not an 0s9 file or whatever....how the hell am i suppose to do this? i cant do it in osx because it does not allow you to do it for some reason...or is there another way?
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    the dock backround is always transparent.

    or did I not understand your question correctly?

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    im sorry.... how can you make that dock background...simply disappear? i saw the dock this way on the screensavers show on tech tv.

    but man im really trying to figure out this dock thing about changing the whole dock background to another image.

    this is cool.
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    much thanks beej...to you to irmongoose for trying to help...by the way did you know about this?
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    no, i didnt know about that. sounds pretty cool.... im going to go download it now.

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    hey! this is pretty cool!!

    i took a screenshot...


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    wow! you have a lot of icons in your dock...cool!

    fully transparent aye!

    so you have the new microsoft office huh.... do you like it?
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    anybody know anything about using pdf images for the background in the dock?

    im trying to do this....but im having trouble.
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    cool docks
    as for the pdf go to www.resexellence.com
    to install em you need to boot in OS 9 and change it
    the instructions are on the site
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    thats so cool!
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    now that is pretty cool....

    it'll definitely add to the "wow" factor even more!!

    anyone have any problems with it since installing?
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    nope. no problems at all. it works just like it did before.

    krossfyter, to answer your quesyion, the new office is actually pretty OK, I cont see many faults with it.

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    okay when im doing that pdf changing the background of the dock picture i cant get into ...dock.app!!! It wont allow me it open it in os9. How do I open it. It says that my currnet os version does not allow me to view it or whatever. Must one open this in 9.0 only because im doing this in 9.2?

    what gives?
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    krossfyter, how do you feel about the Terminal?

    I've found it's the best way for me to get in and change a lot of things.

    Even if you think it's too much Unix for you, at least you can change the opacity with TinkerTool. :D
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    yeah i got tinker tool. the terminal..im not even going to touch unless i get step by step code on how to do soemthing i want.
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    Resexcellence has a step-by-step how-to on making your dock transparent from the Terminal...check it out.
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    nah ...i got the transparency thing down. i just need to figure out this pdf picture in the dock thing. dock.app cant be opened in 0s9 for some reason on my puter.
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    As of now, MAY 2002....how is this programming running? You guys still using it? This 'Trasnparent Dock' program...
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    Yep. Still going strong. I think it's now at version 1.5.8 (was 1.5.7 when we were talking about it when this thread was started). I don't think there are really any changes, just a couple of minor bug fixes.
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    Man alive, yet another resurrected thread. :D Same here. Been using transparent dock since day one and it's been wonderful.
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    INSTALLED! Looks Awesome!!

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