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    How many people here know anything about Unix and how to use it in hacking. I am just now getting into hacking but I would like to learn more about it.
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    i would also like 2 know
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    First thing you need to get is a clue. Then learn UNIX. You need to know the terminology, as well as be familiar with protocols, programs, and paradigms.There are hundreds of quality UNIX books. "Thinking UNIX" is a good one to prepare you for the UNIX mindset. Once you know WTF you're doing, all kinds of doors will open up.

    Also, by "hacking" I assume you mean gaining illegitimate access to systems. Don't bother. Learn to code instead. Coders make more $$$.
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    why hack when you can sleep?
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    ZeroCool :)
    how many times dis you watch "hackers"?
    I am sure that Angelina Jolie is hot,but... :)
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    Angelina Jolie, who the heck is that? Now they did have some pretty hot computers for the time though... :)
    Only kidding, I've got her poster on the wall.
    But anyways, hackers are idiots, why hack? Try some real programming instead, okay it's much more fun to break stuff than to build them, that's probably why there are so many vandalists in the world. But anyhow, any sane person knows that that's just childish behavor.
    Man, I saw this really pathetic hacker on television which had hacked microsoft hotmail and said that he did it to show the world how easy it is. That's like burning up your neighbours house to show how easy it is to break the law.
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    What are you gonna hack, a porno site?

    A friend of mine is working in a casino on line .com stuff. He is making a good money because he is always hacking his own site to see if there is any problem with it.

    That would be a good security bussiness rather than spending time hacking hot mail.
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    I guarantee by the time you learn Unix enough to hack it, you could have got yourself some education and made a lot more money programming. Besides, you can still break stuff. At the place I work we have people break the build regularly ;-).
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    i agree, hacking is just a waste of your time. when you grow up, you will realize that you could have actually accomplished something with your life instead of destroyed someone else's,
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    Screw all of you, I am grown up and know alot about Unix, I do not wish to learn to hack for the destruction purposes of it but just to know it. I make over $73,000 a year so I do know what is important, I was just asking for a little help in trying something new.
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    are you saying your salary to try and make yourself feel better than the rest of us?

    cause it ain't workin
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    No I am not. I am simply replying to people saying how much better off I would be learning to do other crap. I don't need the other crap. I just wanted to learn for fun not for harm. My salary was just to show that I don't need to learn something like programing to be better off. I just want to have some fun for myself not to hurt anyone or cause unnecessary damage.
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    If you know a little about UNIX then your allready part of the way there. Now... are you saying you want to lean how to hack into a UNIX system or hack other systems with a UNIX system? Getting in to a UNIX system could be very hard if the sysadmin knows what they are doing. Hacking into a Windows server.. now thats a diffrent story. Thats easy. If you want to lean how to do that.. get a book on Visual Basic for Applications. Read about Macros and what they can do and all the power they have over a system. If you want to lean more about UNIX systems.. get a An advance anmin guid for UNIX. I know Sun makes one for Solaris. You can pick up a lot that way. You must know the systems you want to hack... then you know the holes that are in them. Hacking is kida stupid. What you may want to do is set up a web/ftp/file server on a Linux box and see if you can hack it from the out side. You will learn very quickly. Hacking is stupid. But learning about new systems is fun.

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    EvilDead knows what I am talking about. I just want to be able to hack between my own computers or with friends, maybe the occasional challenge, but I just want to learn different systems and see what all the hype is about hacking. Please don't look at me as a criminal mind that wants to cause trouble, I just want to have good moral fun.
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    >I just want to have good moral fun.

    OS X is the place to start. Alternatively (or additionally) you could build a Duron or suchlike for a few hundred bucks and install half a dozen different OSes on there (darwin/x86, net/free/openbsd, a few gnu/linux variants, solaris, qnx, whatever turns you on).
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    People that make $73,000 a year should be aware that "alot" is not a word. There should be a space between 'a' and 'lot'.

    Why correct someone's spelling? Because if you must know one thing about Unix(or cli in general) is that spacing is extremely important.
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    right... "over 73,000 dollars a year.." mmm hmmm...

    and people who "know alot about Unix" also know that it's "UNIX"

    gimme a fvckin break.. go outside and be 14 for a while..
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    "People that make $73,000 a year should be aware that "alot" is not a word. There should be a space between 'a' and 'lot'."

    Heh...not to be picky or anything but 'a lot' isn't correct either.

    "Because if you must know one thing about Unix(or cli in general) is that spacing is extremely important."

    So is using the correct syntax. :)
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    Actually, there's nothing wrong with "a lot." There are more sophisticated expressions (e.g., "a great deal"), but "a lot" doesn't present a syntax problem.
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    If you say so...all I know is that my university english prof told me the same thing I just told him.

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