Halo 3 Beta Code Anyone?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by 12991, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Does anyone have an extra halo 3 beta code? I signed up, but i never received it. Its BS, im a hardcore xbox fan, and they gip me like this. If anyone is willing to send me a code, PM me, because otherwise, i think ill be selling my 360
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    If you were a hardcore fan you should have got Crackdown ;)
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    Im a hardcore fan... not an idiot who would waste his money on a bad game. ;)
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    as he said if you were a REAL HARDCORE fan you would buy crackdow.

    but my friend has a code but i assume you will be buying the code not just asking one for free
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    You have the wrong definition of hardcore then. Just go rent it. If it's not at the local BB rent it offline. But then again, the Beta is ending pretty soon. Why would you sell your 360 if you can't Beta? It's comin' out in like 3 months.
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    Idiot! Crackdown Is The Best 360 Game There Is! It's Better Than Gears!
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    I like CD better than GoW. The new contet looks fun too but I don't want to pay for that stuff.
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    You and me both!
    Thank god I have a brother who would :D

    And since this is turning into a GoW thread- I didn't like that either! But I like Halo 3. Not as much as HL2 Deathmatch mind you...
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    I liked crackdown better than gears as well. I rented it so no beta test for me. Looks like i'll be surprised when H3 comes out.
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    You sure there's no beta in the downloads section. There are like a million CD's out there with Betas. Store are still selling them. I rented one and Beta was available.
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    ya this is actually true, this game pretty much owns ur life and the beta was just the icing on the cake
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    if you were a hardcore fan you would have waited to sign up for rule of three
    if you were a fan you would buy/rent crackdown
    you are neither so just dont bother playing halo ;)
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    I did sign up, if you actually read my post, they never sent it to me. Thats why im pissed

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