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HandBrake vs. Visual Hub

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by DJAKO, Feb 4, 2008.

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    I've been using Handbrake for a few weeks now and it's pretty easy. Takes about 2 hours per movie on the Apple TV settings.

    I thought I'd test out Visual Hub and see how the quality compared. I'm again using the Apple TV preset on standard quality. Estimated time is a little over 3 hours? Does it usually take longer for you? Do you notice a quality difference?
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    Are you using H.264 encoding with both?

    Usually Vis Hub outperforms Handbrake.

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    I agree with Tracer. VisualHub performs better than handbrake for me. I generally use the Apple TV / H.264 / Go Nuts settings and I've never had anything take more than an hour.
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    Ya, I've got the normal (h.264 Main) with HB and the same H.264 encoding with visual hub.

    Never take more than an hour lol? What kind of computer? I'm on a MBP 2.33Ghz, 3GB of Ram. Is there any other settings you change?
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    wait visual hub can encode dvds?
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    Sure it can, if you strip off the copy protection with MacTheRipper first.
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    I use it mainly on my iMac:

    2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    Sometimes I'll use the MacBook but I've seriously never had anything go over an hour. I don't change any other settings accept for specifying the options I listed earlier.

    I mainly work on movie files that are around 750Mb that have used DIVX or XVID codecs.

    I recently ripped some of my own DVDs for use on the Apple TV and they took about 90 minutes per movie.

    At the office, I have an 8-Core 4GB Ram MacPro but I haven't tried it on that yet (well, it is a work PC, lol). Maybe I should try and compare the difference.
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    oh so its a two step process then i take it?

    i cant just pop in a dvd and let visual hub play with it like handbreak?
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    I typically just use Handbrake, and save Visualhub for transcoding for Xbox, etc.
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    Ya 750mb files are a lot smaller than a normal DVD full length movie right?
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    yes, most movies are a couple gigs (like 3-4) if i recall correctly
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    +1 for visual hub
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    Do all you VH guys go from MTR > Visual Hub?
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    Is this not quite the time-consuming process? Is there really that much of a difference to go through the extra steps?
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    I feel a bit 'jipped' that I paid for VisualHub and still have to use MactheRipper. Interestingly enough its quite difficult to tell the resolution difference between Handbrake and Hub.
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    Using MactheRipper will only take about 10-12 minutes to get rid of the copy-protection. If you convert the file (say a feature film) to MP4 afterward you will probably save this amount of time because VH is faster than Handbrake.

    I've found the results to be exactly the same except that VisualHub tends to be more compatible with all devices ie PS3.
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    It's necessary for VisualHub, and increasingly necessary for Handbrake. The makers of these programs don't want to have to worry about releasing updates everytime the studios create a new protection scheme.

    It will also help keep your drives working; encoding directly from the DVD in Handbrake really puts some strain on your drive as it is in constant use for the time it takes you to encode.
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    You can strip the copy right protections with MTR and save it as a .mp4? How do you do this, whenever I use MTR I always get the Video folders, etc.
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    No. It just copies the DVD contents to your hard drive.
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    But you still have to use MTR and then copy the files to VH to encode it in a .mp4?
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    I have never tried to encode a DVD using VisualHub. The quality and advanced settings (filters, proper anamorphic support, Dolby Prologic II, etc) in Handbrake far surpass anything available in VH.
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    What do you use VH for then? I'm so confused lol. I want to find the best DVD encoder with the best quality and reliability. This is confusing
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    Well, best quality and easiest to use and reliability are not always the same thing.

    Most people who like VHub like it because it can do more formats, as well as convert from, say, DivX to H.264, or DVD to PS3. It's really easy to use, does a good job, and is a no-brainer.

    Visual Hub does NOT do chapters. If this is important to you, look to Handbrake.

    Handbrake is infintely configurable and does a good job converting (only) DVD files/DVDs to various formats, including our beloved H.264. Handbrake will NOT cross-convert from, say H.264 to anything else. It needs DVD files or a DVD to start its process.

    I have found Handbrake to be rock-solid. I have found VHub to hiccup occassionally. Be aware, though, that you get what you pay for in product support. You find a problem with VHub, there's someone there on the other end of the email who is looking to please. On the other end of Handbrake are individuals who have pooled their time and efforts through an open-source project. Don't expect a response to your email.

    I do 98% of my encoding with Handbrake since it does as good a job for me as VH. On a "re-encode/cross-encode" or to stitch, say, Amadeus Pt 1. to Amadeus Pt. 2 (a 2-sided DVD), out comes VH.

    Which one is better, VH or HB?

    The answer: Yes. ;)
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    I use HB for DVD and VH for MKV's or Divx videos.

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