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Handclaps for Apple.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Moxiemike, May 6, 2003.

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    Impressive I must say!

    2003 is BARELY 5months old. We're in a slumping economy (though it seems to be getting better....). The world spent most of March watching the US wage war on another country.

    And in the midst of it all, Apple made good on their promise of innovating through the mediocre tech segment of the market.

    They essentially refreshed their entire product line:

    *New Powerbooks in January
    *New PowerMacs in january at lower prices
    *New iMacs in January, lower 17" price
    *New Displays in January.
    *New Xserves in February
    *Debut of Xraid in Feb.
    *Refreshed iBooks is April
    *New iPods in April/May
    *New eMacs in May

    They also introduced:
    *the iLife Concept
    *Keynote software
    *iSync final
    *iTunes Music store

    And began integrated new tech such as:
    *Airport Extreme
    *Bluetooth (i know... not extremely new..)

    I wonder how much of the April/May releases were delayed because of the uncertainty of the war. If you follow that theory, Apple could have made ALL of the above listed achievements in less than 4 months. That's pretty impressive considering the breadth of their innovations-- from a browser to a music store. Pretty amazing.

    Now get the market share up... darnit!
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    well, for the marked share, i told 10 friends of mine, how easily they could get there work done on a mac, without continuous hang ups, and freezes... they didn t even know mac got some applications which allowed it to share documents between the windows and the mac world....
    hence, they will no go for a mac on their next computer they buy. :) I got 10 people "converted"... hehe
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    Yep. Handclaps for Apple!




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    Go, Apple!!!

    Let's hope the rest of the year brings just as many anticipated products and amazing surprises! :D

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    They've started the weekly updates again. YAY!

    Oh, and Szark, nice handclap!
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    Re: Gates to unveil Mac-like PC...

    well... if windows suddenly go unix base.... and also copy the mac style...... we could have some pretty stiff competition if we don't woosh out the 970s and get some serious *bling *bling.....

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