Hard case vs skin?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by redsox1108, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Just received my mba in the mail today and am looking to add some protective accessories. Looking for a case or skin and most likely I keyboard protector to begin. Was looking into a speck clear case or one of the black carbon fiber skins from a host of manufacturers including icarbons, bodyguards, and slick wraps.

    Was hoping to hear some thought on if more people prefer a skin or a hard case, and furthermore if a skin is the way to go, which make to go with. I've heard good things about the icarbons but don't really like the fact the they don't come with the apple logo not cut out.

    Lastly, was wondering which is the best keyboard protector to go with and if buying one is really all that necessary.

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    I greatly prefer skins - they maintain the same lightweight and sleek profile that led you to buy the Air in the first place, and protect from scratches.

    I have used and recommend icarbons, but I also hate the fact that they got rid of the cutout.
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    What do you mean the cutout?
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    I've had a ZaggSkin on my 11" air since the week I got it back in Nov 2010, and it still looks great. Its got the scratchproofiness of Zagg, and the design I picked out. Plus no wet install and it hasn't peeled at all in the last 2 years.

    I use a hard case (Booqbag vyper) when I need to take my MBA somewhere with me (but now that I have an iPad as well, I don't really travel with the air much).


    By cutout, I think he means the apple logo.
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    icarbons used to provide the cutout of the Apple logo on the skin for the top of the Air. They stopped providing that (due to legal issues with Apple) and now sell only a solid skin that covers the apple logo.
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    For me.....

    skins are more confortable, sleek, stylish and dont bring too much weight to the Air. But I prefer cases in my portable devices, just based in the fact they tend to fall of my hands....:D...and I have the idea that a case protects better than a skin.

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    i've always opted for the basic neoprene sleeve for my laptops...i put cases on my phones but not my computers. admittedly i have dropped them from time to time and my 5 year old mbp looks pretty beat up, but for the most part the sleeve suits my needs - keeps it protected while i'm moving around and i generally only use the computer on a desk.
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    I read about that. Apple told them to stop doing it, so it was not iCarbon's choice.
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    Agreed. It still makes the product less appealing to me.
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    Interesting, I've never understood why people insist on letting everyone know they use an Apple product.

    I have a MBA and I'm sure nobody really cares, I just want the thing to be protected.
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    I have Twelve South's BookBook for both my Airs. Fantastic protection as well as a pretty good disguise.

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