Harmony remote with HTPC mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Munch, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Has anyone successfully gotten a Harmony remote to function as a mouse for their mac mini using the IR? What program would be needed to accomplish this? I'm thinking Remote Buddy could do the trick, but how exactly?
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    I used the harmony 550 for about a week with my mac mini before returning it. The harmony is capable of learning the apple remotes button presses. In addition, remote buddy allows the remote to control the mouse cursor. Only problem is...the harmony doesn't send the IR signals in a rapid, continous fashion so there was a considerable delay when holding down a button. I was unable to make it any quicker and decided to give up on it, it was just too painfully slow.
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    I managed to set up the Harmony like you mentioned and it is painfully crappy. Can only move in one direction at a time and jerky at best.

    What do people with HTPC set ups use? Mouse/keyboard/apple remote combo?
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    In the mac world, yes, its the keyboard/mouse/apple remote. Remote buddy has definitely cut down on the use of the keyboard/mouse, but I still need it from time to time. I sure hope Apple has something good Monday!
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    yes, I use the keyboard and mouse but mostly use the remote for itunes/movies,etc.

    I use a large lap tray(kinda of like a cafeteria tray but much large) for keyboard/mouse. it works ok.

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