Has anyone seen this latest report?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by k2spitfire88, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I honestly cannot wait to see if this rumored device is actually released. If this has been posted somewhere else, I apologize. Has anyone heard any reports that confirm or disprove what CNET says here?
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    The MR News Discussion has three threads currently open about it.
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    IMO I dont think it will be that amazing. If it just going to be like a big iphone, I wont buy it needs something else and that is what apple is good at. Look at the unibody.
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    Yeah not buying it either...
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    Shake 'n' Bake

    Not happening with that POS keyboard.
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    You guys can say what you want, but Apple's new releases are rarely disappointing. I don't think this one will be an exception. I'm not sure, however, if it will be something that I will buy. All the reports have it being a 10in media player. I don't really have a need for something like that. I would much rather prefer a tablet computer running a modified version of OSX. Maybe this will be the case, maybe it won't. I guess we will have see when it gets here.

    I do believe that this will be the big product that Steve Jobs will usher in September. It will be his first keynote since his absence and will be a great way to bring him back to the lime light.
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    Exactly. Apple won't release a sub-standard product. So if this thing does come out, expect big things.

    Other than that, let's not forget what size-factor they're working with here. This thing is only a 10" diagonal screen (about 8x6"). It's a little bigger than a 6x4" photograph. What can you do with a screen/device like that? Using it as an iPhone-esque device is how I see it. So I would almost expect this thing to be a Mega-iPod Touch. Typing with one hand (while the other hand holds it) would be likely in this scenario, and using it for games would be likely, as well as for media stuff.

    Think a large touchscreen Remote Control / iPod / Nintendo DS / Browsing / Computer. I think Apple is aiming for the sweetspot of everything "casual" computing.
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    If it's actually going to be price around $700, then it will be nothing more than a touch-screen netbook. I don't have $700 burning in a hole in my pocket at the moment, and if I did, I'd rather upgrade to the MBP.
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    im interested in seeing what its like, but im not holding my breath!
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    like its been said before, my macbook cant fit in my pocket, and my iphone can...whats the point of another device that cannot fit in my pocket?

    Ill stick to my iphone and macbook. Very cool idea though.
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