Have to convert to iPod screen resolution?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lu0s3r322, Jan 15, 2007.

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    I just put a tv sized movie onto my iPod and it played it on the screen. I never knew that one could do that. I always thought that you have to convert it to 320x240. Does a tv sized resolution make it higher quality?
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    how did you do that? that would be sweet since i don not want to rencode all of my movies to get to ipod resolution. is there a way to put in regular files and it will scale down to ipods resolution...much like how you can enlarge/delarge the screen while playing a quicktime movie?

    back to your question I would think it would since all the same data is now in a smaller screen so any defects when large are now harder to see
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    ok well i ripped a star wars dvd and then i converted it to mpeg4 using iSquint and the TV size selection. then i just put it on my ipod as is and it played.

    the size of it is pretty big. i could watch it on the 51" tv my family has and it would be close to the original dvd quality.
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    hm yea i ripped to h.264/mpeg4 via handbrake and it said the ipod couldnt play it. that kinda sucks lol
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    sweet, now I can pull up handbrake and use it for more than just my iPod. :)
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    640x480 on the iPod only affects the quality of the TV Out signal since the screen on the iPod is only 320x240. So if your main goal is iPod viewing you're being harder on the 'Pod than need be in terms of disk use and battery life.


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