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HDD speed

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by HnZ, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. HnZ
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    Hi everybody!
    I would like to know how fast your hdd is... mine alu 2008 2,4ghz macbook may has some problems with the hdd... if i watch a movie, it is hanging...
    hdd read is about 500kb/s in the activity monitor... max. 1,98mb/s
    how fast is yours??

    thanks for help!
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    Are you sure the Hdd is the problem?

    Watching a video doesn't imply that you are using the hdd at maximum speed. Could just be a bad encoded video. What format is the video in?

    Besides the read speed when watching a video depends on its characteristics.
  3. HnZ
    macrumors member


    i don't know what it could be... if i go back a few seconds the movie goes fine...
  4. HnZ
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    it's .avi - .dmg
    its every movie i would like to watch....
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    Are you doing something else while watching the movie? What is the CPU usage in activity monitor?
    Any process that is using all the CPU?

    I have the same model and just tried watching a movie (an avi). Speed is similar to yours.
  6. HnZ
    macrumors member


    yes, i am using safari...
    cpu-usage is about 15%... i think the movie is hanging everytime i am loading a website or something else.... it's crazy..... i didn't have this problem before....:(
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    What happens if you just open the movie without doing anything else? Does it work correctly?

    By the way, does restarting makes it better?

    Maybe try verifying the disk with Disk utility and eventually do an hardware check with the disks that came with your mac. Just to be sure.
  8. HnZ
    macrumors member


    if i just open the movie... it works fine....
    restart doesn't make any change...

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