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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Patmian212, Jan 7, 2006.

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    Hey all,
    My brother just gave me his old dj set which consists of 2 technics 1200MK II, a gemini mixer and about 100 hip hop vinyls. What do I need to hook this up to speakers? Can I just hook it up to a cheep stereo? Also I have no idea how to dj but I think it would be neat to learn since I have the equipment. Where do I start, I would like to atempt some remixes and some scratches. Also is there anyway to incorporate my ibook with my turntables? Also are those technics any good?
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    No one has any advice?
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    #3 There's a good beginners section.

    You should be able to hook your gear up to a cheap stereo... turntables connect to mixer; mixer connects to stereo... your brother can probably help you with that. As for using your iBook with the turntables, check out
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    Those Techs are bad ass....nice work

    start by going to a dj style event and watch

    next, buy two of the same record and go back and forth learning how slowing one record down and speeding it back up changes the "feel" of the song

    you will need a good mixer with a "cross-fader" curve control to scratch...

    and good needles to scratch (shrure m447's)

    Good luck

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