Help: Anti Alias stopped working in PhotoshopCS2

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by MacBoobsPro, Jul 25, 2006.

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    For some strange reason Photoshop does not antialias vector graphics I import into PS anymore. Nothing has changed as far as I know but maybe I caught a shortcut by accident and turned it off?

    If anyone knows how to activate it again I sure would like to know because Ive been trying to figure this out for ages. Its not as if im a novice either, im a pro designer and use photoshop everyday :confused:

    Please help!
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    When you open the file there should be a checkbox for "Anti-aliased" in the dialog box.
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    from what application are you trying to import these vector graphics? If you're exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop it could be that you've switched off anti-aliasing in Illustrator...
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    To get the check box I have to save the file as an EPS in Freehand then open the file using PS. Ive been importing vectors for years by cut and paste direct from Freehand coz its so much quicker with no problems whatsoever. Now it displays all jagged, even a vector from Illustrator is jagged. Having to save the file then reopen it in PS just to get a tick box is a bit **** if you ask me. I want to know why its changed and how to get it back to how it was.

    Thanks for the post though!
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    I rarely use Illustrator but even Illustrator vectors are doing the same thing in PS. It has to be PS!

    Like Ive said, I have imported vectors for years by cut and paste direct from Freehand but today it just will not anti alias. :mad:
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    Ah, look in your options bar when you paste for the Anti-alias check-box.

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    When you have a vector tool selected... look in the options bar. Top right next to Opacity.

    Anti-aliased box checked?

    Edit: Beaten by the emw. :)
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    Its greyed out. I think that is only relative to the highlight tool. If you press 'V' for the Select tool the Anti Alias box dissappears as the options for the select tool appear.
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    Hmm. When you're first pasting (before you've hit "Enter" to place it) the checkbox should be available. After you've placed it, it's too late.
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    There is no check box unless I save the vector as an eps then open the EPS in PS. I can get it to AntiAlias and work fine that way. But Its a total pain in the ass when for years I have cut and pasted straight from Freehand to PS. And for no reason it just doesnt work anymore.

    The way I do it (or did) is:

    Create graphic in FH. Cut/Copy.
    Select PS>New Doc>Paste>hit enter to render.
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    That seems odd to me. Before you hit "enter" to render, there's no checkbox? Not just grayed out, but no checkbox? Do you have the Options bar open (Window > Options)?

    Let me see if I can duplicate that on my end. So far, everything seems to work fine here.
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    Select a vector tool like the rectangle tool, then check it.
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    Ok Ive done it! :rolleyes: When you first mentioned the AntiAlias tick box I didnt realise it appeared just before hitting enter. I only saw it when the highlight tool was selected. So EMW you had it figured all along!

    It works fine now the box is ticked. I must of caught it somewhere down the line :D Sorry for the head aches guys but without you I would still be pulling my hair out. So thanks for the help!
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    Whew. Glad it's all worked out - had me questioning a few things here! :p

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