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HELP?! Cannot write to server?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by bluetooth, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Hi, I need some help with a server connection problem I seem to be having.

    Now I can connect to the server no problem and also copy files or docs from the server, but I cannot "write" or transfer files onto the server? I do not have permissions to do so.

    I have contacted the server host/provider and he assures me that everything is fine on his end? He is PC based and told me that maybe it is a Mac problem.

    Attached is a screenshot of what I am dealing with...can anyone help me and let me know what specifically needs to be adjusted either on his end or mine so I can actually "write" or copy files onto his server?

    Thanks so much!

    *Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

    Click thumbnail below to enlarge.

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    The user account that you are using to login to the server does not have write permissions.

    Edit : I see it is NFS. How are you mounting the drive? Try editing your fstab file to mount it with the write option enabled.

    Not really a programming question though is it?
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    thanks for your response! I am mounting through Go>Connect to Server typing in the address and then hitting "Connect".

    How do I edit my fstab? What exactly is a fstab? Sorry for the dumb questions...not great at the technical server type things.

    Yes, not really - wasn't sure what forum to poster under?
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    Seems I was wrong about fstab. I'm too used to Linux :(.

    I'll try and find out for you. I'm not as comfortable with BSD based systems.
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    Hey, thanks so much. I will be eagerly waiting your reply.
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    This looks like the way to do it.

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    Well thanks for this. But this is all a foreign language to me :confused: Not even sure how to attempt this?

    But I also found this, what do you make of it?

    Mac OS X tries to make NFS connections from port numbers outside the traditional range expected by some NFS servers. Configuring your NFS server to accept connections on "insecure" ports above 1024 should resolve the issue. Please consult your server's documentation for configuration information.

    What does this all mean? That I should if the client configures the NFS server to accept connections on "insecure" ports above 1024 that I should then be able to "write"? Is that what this is telling?

    Sorry for the questions, I am a designer and IT is foreign territory for me. Thanks again for your help, you seem to know a lot.
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