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Help coding Mac Web App

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by jordanhuxley, May 27, 2011.

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    I'm creating a simple, quick web app for my Mac Book Air 2010. I managed to create a basic web browser, but want to add tabbed browsing and a sidebar search to it. Can anyone help me with this coding?

    I've uploaded an image of the app and the project files if anyone can help.
    I'm using the latest version of XCode 4, is that helps?

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    What have you tried yourself?
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    This is my first attempt at using Xcode. I've watched a tutorial on YouTube to do what i've got so far.

    There were a few tutorials for the search box function but they were for Xcode 3 and didn't make a lot of sense for the new version.

    I'd offer some sort of reward, if someone can do it for me?
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    You're not allowed to solicit on the forum. And I really wish that you tube video had never been made. It fools you into thinking create a web browser is easy. What you're asking to do it not trivial. It will require creating Objective-C code, and understanding a fair of Cocoa.
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    Rather harsh! I hardly said I wanted to create a rival to Safari!

    I just asked whether anyone could give me some advise as to how I could create a functioning web search box.
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    No you asked:
    To have a functioning web search box, you could drop a text field and a button labelled search into your window, and have the action of the search button load a google URL constructed from the search text field into the web view.

    This can't be done by simply dragging connections around. What Objective-C and Cocoa do you know?
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    Virtually none, i've created the text box and the search button. Would you be kind enough to tell me how to do the next stage?
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    The next stage is learn Objective C and a bit of Cocoa and come back to this problem once you have the foundation to complete it.
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    You'll certainly need to learn Objective-C for the next bit.

    This will get you going:


    then it is just a matter of time while you learn your way around the various Cocoa frameworks.
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    You are going to save yourself a lot of time by learning programming first. I basically picked up my first programming book 'Learn C on the Mac' in October and then took a Pascal programming class at city collage last semester. Now the fall semester I have a Java class to step into Object Oriented programming. Last week started to read 'Learn Objective-C on the Mac'.

    I have never built a GUI yet, but I am getting a really good foundation in programming. You have built a GUI, but have have no experience in programming yet. I view a GUI is like taking the tram ride at universal studios. It looks great on the outside but there is nothing functional on the inside.

    Nothing happens over night. Learn to program.

    Good luck,


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