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HELP! dead ibook!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RJP31484, Dec 2, 2005.

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    My girlfriends ibook will SOMETIMES boot up, and a few seconds later it will go gray, and tell you to restart or shut down. It is still under warranty, and seems to be a logic board problem. I have another computer, so dropping it off for service is not SUCH a big deal. HOWEVER.. I have been working on a powerpoint presentation for school on it, and its due on tuesday!!! It wont start up in target disk mode... does anyone have any ideas or advice for getting my data off?
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    hope that it boots up? Don't see why it can't boot into Target firewire mode....seeing as i had an old G3 iBook and logic board failed, so did HD and it could still boot to it

    Moral of the Story: Keep backups of important documents constantly.
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    If it were me and the data was that important, I would remove the hard drive from the iBook and install it into an external drive case.
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    Do not take out the hard drive, you will void your warranty and have to pay for the repair. Take it to the apple store and see what they can do or at least call Applecare. Goodluck.
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    Take a closer look at the warranty terms. As long as you don't break it in the process, there are no warranty implications. I've confirmed this with Applecare representatives.
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    Sorry, I didn't know that.
    Since the ibook is already showing problems, Apple could attribute the problems with the book to him removing the drive.
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    Regardless, it's not something I would recommend, taking apart a laptop, unless you know what you're doing. Just stating what I would do, because at this point, it's probably the only option.

    RJP, keep trying to boot the thing up into target disk mode, maybe you'll get lucky and will be able to access your drive from another computer. BTW...have you tried removing any extra RAM you've got installed? If you're lucky, it's just a bad RAM module.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions!... it has only the RAM that came with it. I will keep trying to boot it up into target disk mode.. we'll see what happens. If not, im off to the apple store monday
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    Good luck to you.

    And backup next time. :D
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    iBook Issues... Until I Can Find the Right Folder...

    I have 2 iBooks. 12" and 14" combos each purchaed used... both working fine until I messed with the internet features when I hooked up....
    Maybe someone will know this problem.
    it happened when I was messing with the internet features......hookup...

    As soon as I set up the internet via cable on the 14" the iBook went to sleep after a few minutes It powered down Never to power up again. I followed PBfixit's suggestion.

    removed battery for over 24 hours. PRV Ram Zap. hook adapter. and try to re-power.
    NO luck. (but this worked on my 12" iBook when it powered down the same exact way.
    powered off/ sleep mode for a few minutes then off.)

    is this a safety feature for used iBooks when new administrative passwords are made?
    it happened when I was messing with the internet features......

    The same thing happened with the 12" iBook. I changed the internet settings.
    when I did, same problem went to sleep/ then powered down. I removed the battery
    powered up via adapter. Zapped PR RAM... But it powered up!

    Would anyone know what is wrong with the 14" iBook?
    The last owners upgraded to 10.4 OS Apple's Forum stated LogicBoard issues.
    But if the 12" iBook died the same exact way shut-down/sleep the power off.
    what was the coincidence fo the 14" doing the same?
    any suggestions before I invest 365.oo to the Apple tech's?

    ypinh half A cause I was watching smallville repeats


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