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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by wrkngclasshero, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Ok so I am well versed at converting DVDs for :apple:tv, including movies with closed captions and director commentaries, typically with Ripit and Handbrake.

    I want to start doing some high def encodes (w/snow leopard iMac). Gameplan is to use MakeMKV for ripping and continue to use HB for encoding.

    My question involves subtitles. Currently I use hard subs with DVDs but it seems like soft is the way to go. I plan on taking then MKV and adding soft subs w/ HB. Here are my questions:

    1. Should I use HB or Subler for adding .srt files?

    2. Would I be able to have two soft sub tracks (say like in Avatar, one track for the Navi and one for closed caption?

    2a. If that is possible, what naming convention would be required to force the Navi track and make the closed caption track optional?

    3. Do you recommend any specific sites for getting the subs.

    Thanks for the assist all!!
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    1. Adding subtitles with Subler is a breeze. I tried a couple of times with HB and couldn't get them added properly--probably my own ineptitude but considering how easy it is with Subler, why bother.

    2. You want both to appear simultaneously? Sorry can't help you with that--no idea.

    3. I've only added to a couple of my BD titles but had my best luck finding good .srt files on Subscene. You can also try Opensubtitles.
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    Thanks for the reply. Regarding the two subtitles I had a feeling I did not explain well, let's try this.

    Currently, if a movie has a scene with foreign dialogue, I burn those subtitles in (hard subs). I will however, use soft subs for closed caption (for hearing impaired) when available.

    When I go to the subtitle tab in :appletv, it gives me the option for either;

    OFF: (will show the hard subs only) or,
    ENGLISH: shows closed caption (soft subs) and when hard subs come up, the CC is on top of them.

    What I want to do is have both the foreign dialogue and the CC be soft subs, so only one or the other is on screen at a time. However on the :apple:Tv subtitle tab I imagine it would have three options


    The question is how would I tell the :apple:tv which one to display by default (the foreign dialogue) and which one is the CC for hearing impaired?

    Thanks again for the assist!! Hope this isn't too confusing.
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    I've been playing with subler for the past two hours, what an awesome tool.

    Anyway at this point, I am clear on how to import multiple soft subs, and it is clear that subler is the best option for this. My only remaining questions is as follows.

    How can you make the Apple TV differentiate between subtitles (specific scene subtitles for foreign languages, such as the NAVI in Avatar) and closed captions (whole movie text for hearing impaired)?

    Members of my extended family are hearing impaired so I would like to have the subtitles on as default and enable the CC when these family members are over.

    The Apple TV menu has options to turn on/off subtitles and to turn on/off closed captions so the apple tv must be looking for some tag to differentiate when it's a sub and when it's a CC. :confused::confused:

    Caveman?? Dynaflash??? Nightstrm??? Anyone???

    Ah well, at least this has been a fun exercise. In the event of no solution, thanks at least for listening to me rant.

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