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Help Help Help please

Discussion in 'iPod' started by townsendpn, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Sorry guys but I am not very good technically and need help

    My 3 yr old ipod classic finally has to be replaced as the battery life dwindled to 30 mins !!!

    Have just bought a new one - same model etc.

    Now the hard bit begins. My sons friend set up my original machine . When he did this he pressed a couple of buttons as he told me I should keep my library on the ipod and not my desktop computer. As such when I switch on the itunes on my computer the library only shows the tracks I have bought from itunes but does not show the extensive play list on my ipod until I attach the ipod . They then appear only under the 'Paul's ipod' link.

    My question I how do I get the play list off the old ipod and back onto my desktop and then how do I configure it all onto my new ipod. I hope that makes sense and would really appreciate any help you can give an 'old fa*rt' who is not computer literate but loves his ipod some guidance


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    It was a bit silly of him to tell you to keep it on the iPod unfortunately.

    This is because other than with purchased music iTunes doesn't have any built in way for you to move the tracks back off your iPod. There are ways to do it however :) You can do it with certain softwares, but I always manage to do it without.

    Do you have a mac or a pc?
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    It is a PC - thanks for any advice
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    Ok, I'm used to doing this on a mac but from the same website that I found out how to do it on a mac I found this article.


    Which is about transferring songs using this free software


    Handily there's also a video here showing you how to use the software. They use it with an iPhone but it'll work with your iPod too.


    It looks pretty pain free. After you've imported everything into your iTunes just set up your new iPod to sync everything in the library. Unless you have real problems with hard drive space I'd advise you just to keep everything in your library this time as it makes it easier really.

    If you want to make it so the music is only stored on your iPod again then I can tell you how to set that up.
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    Many thanks indeed for your help
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    Many thanks it worked and now back in library .

    Now posted again to find out how to get new ipod work with the itunes library .
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    Great :D

    How'd you want your iPod to work?

    You can plug it in and have everything sync onto it and your ipod will mirror what's in your iTunes library. You add something new to your library, or delete something, and it will automatically be added or deleted from your iPod.

    Or you can have it as it was previously where your music was kept only on your iPod.
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    The first where I keep it all on library and the ipod mirrors it .

    Is that easy to achieve

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    Really easy :)

    Essentially when you plug in your iPod for the first time I think it gives you an option to set it up as a new iPod and simply sync all music in your library.

    In case it's changed from the last time I set up a new iPod I've found a nifty video that shows the controls for syncing and how to set it all up rather nicely. You only need to pay attention to the first half of the video about syncing automatically.


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