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Help! iPod stuck!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CommonMan, Dec 19, 2006.

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    I have a new iPod 80GB. I was listening to my iPod and it was in the shuffle mode. I was advancing through different songs and then it just froze. It's just stuck on "Now Playing" and the display shows the song, title etc. but it will not respond to any commands. It won't turn off. It is not playing the song. The screen is on but it won't change. I can hear the hard drive spinning. Any ideas? I just bought this at the end of October! :mad: :(
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    Ipods freeze all the time, who cares, you gotta give credit to it tho. For the amount you pay and size of the thing, its fkn amazing how much technology has advanced. You haven't cried about it freezing but others do, and you gotta think, wtf are they crying about. Be grateful that you have that in front of you at such a price!!!

    o yer, hold the middle buttom and the menu button for 5 secs and BANG!!! fixed
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    sorry, I jumped the gun. I should have gone right to Mac.com help. There's a neat little trick that they suggested and it worked. It consisted of just holding down two buttons for about 10 seconds (can't remember which ones).:eek:

    And, yes, we should not complain about the internet or the iPod. These things are both incredible technological wonders! People are already taking these things for granted and complaining.
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    um ok yeaaaa i expect all my devices to not work. you must be fine with this, i am not

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