HELP iPod will not power on after update

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jmsait19, Feb 24, 2005.

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    I just updated my 3G iPod to the newest software released yesterday and now it won't even power on. My computer doesn't even flinch when I plug it in. It just kind of is sitting here being all worthless. I rely heavily on it to keep me sane at work and I just arrived to work and am not sure what to do. Anyone know how to fix this?

    EDIT: Not only does it not do anything when I plug it into my PowerBook, but when I plug it into the power adapter it also does nothing. No charge symbol or anything. Listen closely I don't hear any semblance of hard drive activity
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    funny i did the update and mine is working fine touch wood !!!

    ok plug the ipod in to the power supply and leave pluged in for some time this will maybe wake it up if not reset it or failing that plug it in to a windows pc and see what happens !!!
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    May be a stupid question, but have you reset it? (hold down menu and play for a second or three). Have to ask.
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    its been plugged into the power supply for an hour or so, no response.

    how do i reset it?

    don't have a windows pc with firewire to do that with.

    It is weird, i am getting absolutely zero response from it when i do anything. If i take it by the apple store will they look at it even though it is out of warranty? It only happened when i downloaded the update, which they supply, so i think they should look at it at least.
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    wasn't sure how to reset it, did that and it is back now. thanks a bunch. wow, i was freakin for a little bit, i use my iPod a lot and i would go nuts if it didn't work on me.


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