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Discussion in 'iPod' started by kaylaboo, Aug 27, 2005.

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    my ipod seems to be frozen....its on the screen that it would be if it were to start to play a song...but nothing is happening!! it's actually my brothers and he'll kill me if i broke it...help me please
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    frozen ipod

    please help me, the screen is frozen and nothing i press helps....is there a way to fix this???? please help me

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    Kayla, if his iPod has a click wheel, then plug it into the wall charger, toggle the hold switch (on the top by the headphone jack) off, then on, then back off again, and then press and hold the select button (the center of the clickwheel) and the menu portion of the clickwheel, for about ten seconds. The iPod should reset.

    If you don't have a clickwheel, but another generation of iPod, see instructions here:

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    Hold down the Menu and Select buttons for about 5 seconds, and it should reset itself. If that doesn't help, plug it into your computer and see if it does anything then. If that still doesn't help, let the battery drain over night, then plug it into your computer. If that doesn't help, call Apple :D
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    Has any of this worked for you?

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