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Help My Mac Is Dead!!!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TyleRomeo, Oct 7, 2003.

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    alright, so im running 10.2.8 the second edition on a dual 1.25 G4. i go to start my mac and after having the hard drive run and processor pumping away, they stop working. when i put in the mac hardware repair disk, it says the hard drives and ram are all ok. when i put in the OSX install disk and run disk utility it says my IBM hard drive with OSX isntalled in it says it isnt mounted. When i hold down the option key it states that OSX is on the IBM hard drive and when i press to start up with the disk the apple logo just spins and spins. Please i need some advice.

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    Re: Help My Mac Is Dead!!!!!

    ok so now i loaded OSX onto my second hard drive but the first is still missing according to OSX 10.2, how can i get OSX to read my hard drive, basically how do you mount a drive?

    should I attach it to a different ATA channel.

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    Try Disk Warrior

    It is possible your HD is having major failure/ Disk Warrior 3.0 may fix it. Stay away from Norton. Man, that sucks. I almost want to post a Disk Warrior to my .mac to help you out... it it wasn't "illegal" I would. I am sure that if it fixed your drive you would buy it... oh well. Good Luck.
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    I had this problem some time ago..my bootable hard drive wouldnt mount (as I could see from the firewire drive). So I opened the hatch of the G4 and just fixed the hard drive cable into the logic board connector a little snug..that was it. As soon as I rebooted..it was fine. Try it out..with the power plug disconnected..tighten the cable a bit for the hard drive..and power it up.

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